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Thursday, December 10, 2009


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Music Box Version

Doing nothing in office and was youtube'ing (ops, I did it again... Orz) and accidentally found cool stuff to share again... Hehe


Hikari - Simple & Clean (music box version)

Spirited Away - Always With Me (music box version)

Utada Hikaru - Final Distance (music box version)

Oh my god, I must say, these music are absolutely... stunning.

It's simple,

& relax.



Tell me where to download these music in mp3 format, I wanna bring them with me 24/7/365. haha

Thursday, October 29, 2009

P1, what's wrong with you lately?

I am not bull-shitting!

My area P1 is getting worse than ever! Check the following picture!

Tonight signal was damn lousy. I can't even open www.google.com. >o< Was doing nothing but to read comic at the end (Thanks god I don't have important things to do with internet during that time)

P1, what's wrong with you lately? If the slow connectivity is about one night then it's still considerable. However, things are getting nasty and happen every night. We do think you are different from TmNut - Screamyx (Pronounce as Scream Max). But please don't disappoints us and we will consider you are in the same category with Nut Nut (TmNut) if no improvement has been done.

This video is what I found from youtube regarding about TmNut, enjoy.

Screamyx? P1Wimax? Celcom? Maxis?

I feel sick about our internet service seriously... :(

Monday, October 26, 2009

P1Wimax, I am going to CUT YOU!

Have you "Potong" already?!?!?

This is one of the famous slogan from P1Wimax, one of the fast expanding ISP in Malaysia and asking people to unsubscribe from their competitors and get rewarded by them.

Brilliant marketing idea! However, before we go to marketing part, let's look at some terrible points of P1Wimax...

P1Wimax, I am going to CUT YOU!

I thought you were the savior to save me from the hell of screamyx, However, you just brought me from one hell to the another hell...

P1Wimax, I am going to CUT YOU!

You like to get disconnected during evening which is the most vital time for everyone.

P1Wimax, I am going to CUT YOU!

Your salespersons suck! Every time using the same excuse for your inconsistent connectivity. That's "Currently our server is having upgrade & that's why you are experiencing slow in connectivity. However, it will be faster after that."

They keep on saying that for half a year already and yet improvement haven't come out yet!

P1Wimax, I am going to CUT YOU!

After subscribing you, I still cannot watch Mr.Brown Show via youtube directly! (That's mean, still need to wait for half an hour to stream it T_T)

P1Wimax, I am going to CUT YOU!

During PCFair, you had showed me how fantastic you were. However, looks at yourself now, how pathetic you are...

P1Wimax, I am going to CUT YOU!

You prevent me to download stuff (Including ecchi stuff >_< ) via emule & Bitcomet

P1Wimax, I am going to CUT YOU!

Your inconsistent connectivity killed my characters N times! blood for blood, scum!

P1Wimax, I am going to CUT YOU!

You made my Pangya OB rate higher than ever!! Roar!!

P1Wimax, I am going to CUT YOU!

You asking me to cut from your rivals, however, what is your point to ask us to cut from them?? Show me your strength or I will really cut your line.

P1Wimax, I am going to CUT YOU!

You are disappointing me...


Monday, October 19, 2009

Virgin Blue vs V Australia?!

Due to curiosity, I went to youtube and searched for Virgin advertisement. And guess what, there are plenty of videos about Virgin Group. Their business covered Entertainment (Virgin Music), Healthiness & Lifestyle (Virgin Active, Virgin Spa), Drinks and Wine (Virgin Drinks & Virgin Wine), really a lot!

They even have Hot Air Balloon business (Virgin Ballon)!

I am wondering they produced it all by themselves or having joint venture with some other parties which have the technology or competitive advantages.

One of the most successful story about Virgin is their aviation business.

Interestingly, I found out Virgin got a lot, really a lot of Airline Subsidiaries. Virgin Blue, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin America, Virgin Nigeria, Virgin Air, etc. really a lot!

Below are some of the impressive TV commercials

Virgin Blue - Where Great Ideas Fly

Really superb with the comparison method. Nice.

V Australia 'Fly Girls' TV Commercial

Looks Pretty high class huh?

In fact, what's the difference between Virgin Blue and V Australia?

My friend, Nicholas, who always stay tune in aviation industry explained to me Virgin Blue is Australia Domestic Flight however V Australia is long haul flight connecting Australia and America.

I have no idea about it, but after watching the V Australia commercials, I would like to try this airline.






Those flight attendants are hot!!

(Sorry, I couldn't control... It can't be helped)

Warcraft 3 Sick Moves by Pro

Feeling boring and surfing in youtube and accidentally found some sick moves of Warcraft3!!

Have a look, it's worth to watch!


It's so good to play with these players. They are really good & pro. I really missing my old days playing warcraft3 with my mates everyday... Now, everything gone... oh sad...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Business 101

Monday went to meet 7eleven Malaysia HQ. We discussed a lot about the SOP of selling food in their outlets and surprisingly, I just realized I really not ready yet. What's the problem? Yes, it's all about money, Capital...

Talked with my supplier willing to take consignment or not, however, they said a big NO due to they really prefer C.O.D. (Cash on Delivery) and non-returnable.

So, now, I am stucked! None of the parties willing make changes and work it out.

You must be wondering what really kills me right? Let me show you the calculation:

7eleven needs us to sell with a minimum selection of 20 of their outlets, let say each outlet you only selling 20 Onigiri, (20 Onigiri x 20 outlets) There are 400 onigiri need to be ready per day!

Payment term from 7eleven is about 45 days to 60 days. We pick the minimum 45 days. 400 onigiri per day plus 45 days (400 x 45 days) is equal to 18000 Onigiri!!

with 400 onigiri productivity per day, I can bargain for a cheaper price of RM2.25 per item.

My cost for 18000 onigiri is (RM2.25 x 18000) about RM40500!! And this amount haven't include any wages, delivery cost or even, tax!

However, my supplier wants me to pay in COD or one week payment term. That's mean I have to settle my supplier's bill with cash while waiting 7eleven to pay me after 45 days!. Take note that each day operation still have to ongoing. How can I survive with that?!

A cheap onigiri selling in 7eleven or any other convenient store can be a very, serious matter which will cost you thousands of money.

I just want those friends who are interested in starting up your very own business to think more about their capital. Capital really kills and it's killing me now.

First thing you have to be in your mind is, Capital, yes, capital! $$$

Hell or Heaven? duel one, FIGHT!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

A Turning Point in My Life

Recently pretty tired, boring & worrying.

Tired of busy around for... emm... nothing!

Boring for emptiness in my life? people said: "get a life, man!" But where is my life?!

Worrying about future life. Worrying about Income < Expenses and get killed by Bills & Credit Cards.

What can I do?!

Yes, I found a way. But it comes along with a huge risk!

Guess what? Own business!

I had been resigned from previous company and doing really hard for my new things.

& of course, I forgot to update my blog.

My bad. :s

Now I am selling onigiri in bulk to convenient shops. colleges & offices Cafeterias, Buble Tea Stalls, etc.

What is Onigiri? Yes, here you go


This is my precious which can be easily found in any spot of Taiwan, Japan but not Kuala Lumpur. That's why I think it's potential to be heathen up in Malaysians market.

Besides that, I do sell fruit juice too!


It is tough to working alone. Selling, talking rubbish, making new friends, delivering, collecting payment is my routine job.

Life is tough, but for my family, I gotta be strong.

And some nights I will think myself to draw back. However, I foresee the outcome & I forced myself to preserve.

Now, it seems I am getting more and more positive feedback from the public!

This coming Friday going to meet myNEWS.com and hopefully they will accept my onigiri without cutting the price.

Next Monday going to meet 7-11 and same thing, perhaps they will accept the deal without exploit us, the poor dealer.

& I am thinking to sell it back to AirAsia! haha...

My friends, pls pray for me.


Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Almost Cried

Last month, my mum and sister came to KL to visit me.

They came to see a well-known doctor for my sister's backbone problem & stayed in my place for almost a month.

其实,我的工并不是那么的平步青云。 我往往因为在外受气而感到精疲力尽,一个人住惯的我已习惯性得依赖电脑, 工作回到家后我通常只对着电脑来发泄, 什么话也不想说(我终于明白为什么很多人的爸爸都不爱说话那么cool了)。
In fact, my work is not doing well. Due to I have to suffered from outside and since I used to be live alone already, once I have finished my work and go back to my place, I tend to be facing the computer for the whole day without speaking any single word. Because my mind is blank and I just want to have a rest. (Now i know why a lot of my friends' dad are so quiet & cool)

我妈时常在我放工后对我唠叨,这是很致命的, 因为我的脾气,心情已经很差了,在我最该放松的地方还要吵。我一直在忍让。 但是结果有一天我还是爆了, 结果我和妈吵了起来。
So back to the time where my mum stayed with me last month. My mum always scolded me for many little things. This can be very dangerous because my mood was very upset after work and supposed my private room is the only place to let me have a break. But now it had turned into another chaotic area. I kept quiet for many days. However, due to some tiny thingies, I hardly to control myself & quarreled with mum & of course, both of us felt not well about this.

好了,就在31/07/09那天,我妈和妹得离开KL到JB去了。 我带她们到车站去。 就在临行的那一刻,妈说,看到我的工作这么不顺利后, 我真担心你在这的生活,你的人又不爱好好照顾自己。 我知道你苦,但有苦千万别放在心上,要说出来,不要一个人独自消化。 说完我妈当着我的面哭了。 我心里一股脑儿的乱, 心情是很牛逼的复杂。
OK, on 31/07/09, they decided to go back JB. I brought them to bus station. Before they left, mum talked to me. She said:"I know you are worrying about your job's stability too & I am quite worrying about you. You always don't take good care of yourself. I know you suffered a lot here. But if you having any problem, don't try to put it inside your heart. In fact, you should speak out your mind or discuss with us. Don't try to face the problem alone, always." When finished, she cried in front of me at the bus station. My mind went blank and my mood was mixed with feelings.

就在巴士车上,妈和妹看了来送行的我,忍不住就哭了起来,想起妈妈的话和看到这样的画面,我的眼睛突然好热,两眼突然很想流泪。 我一很久没有流泪了, 心想假如我就这样一不小心也哭了起来她们一定会哭的更惨,更加担心我。 我把心一横,强忍眼泪,对着她们微笑挥手,并不时把头往後看假装注意后面的东西来调整心情。
So they moved into the express bus and before the bus run off, they saw me starring at them. They cried again. when I saw this scene & thought about mum's statement, my eyes turned extremely hot and something gonna flow from my eyes. Such a long time I never cried for anything. I know I cannot simply cry in front of them, this will make them more worrying about me. I took a deep breath and smiled to them, waved my hands and asked them to take good care of themselves. I kept on turning back my body to pretend seeing things behind me, but in fact, I just wanted to hold my tears!

最后,她们还是走了。 我回到房间,心想我该怎么做呢?
At the end, they still left. I backed to my room, and thinking what should I gonna do now?

妈,妹, 你们也别担心我了, 我一定会努力想办法的。。。 我会坚强的。。。
Mum, sis, you all should not worrying about me, I will think a way, I gonna be strong...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Game Replays for Starcraft II

Recently searched thru youtube and just simply keyed in "Starcraft 2"...

and guess what? I accidentally found some wonderful replays with great commentary.

Look the video and we can discuss further below.

HD Starcraft 2 Battle Report Gameplay Commentary

[HD] StarCraft 2 Battle Report Two - Part 1/2

[HD] StarCraft 2 Battle Report Two - Part 2/2

[HD] StarCraft 2 Battle Report Three - Part 1/2

[HD] StarCraft 2 Battle Report Three - Part 2/2


So how's it? I am very sad because of none of the replay got battle between Terran battle cruiser versus Protoss Carrier. T_T

Back to the replays, The Protoss's player micro is pretty good and he managed to present Protoss units abilities and strategies to the audience. Bravo!

David Kim, the Terran player, got more tricks to defense. He always lose the initiative at the early game but managed to set up attack route with better units at the late game. I realized he needs Banshee (air striker) to attack and it looks powerful when versus land units. With the ability of cloaking, it's much more versatile with good mobility. No wonder David need it in order to plan for attack.

Terran rocket launcher is pretty tough in several conditions, however, same as Terran marine, they are weak in their hitpoint. :(

Just now the commentator got mentioned about the Marine's shield. I am wondering what's it now. Is it Marine carrying a big bullet-proof shield? Sorry to say, Zealot Psi Blade can break the shield easily. :(

Hope to see more replays in the near future...

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Panasonic Lumix LX3

I get stucked with camera thingy, and tried to search thru the world wide web.

Thanks to google. I have found Camera Lab for comprehensive details. According from CameraLab, Panasonic Lumix LX3 LX3 has several functions of a DSLR camera and it's suitable for a intermediate photographer to use.

CameraLab even provides review video for the public.

Afterward, I have searched thru the dpreview.com for users' comments. The comments are pretty good and there will be lesser negative comments compared to FX200EXR.

I am still researching on it...

Any idea?

Call to China

First time try to call China's line.

I have tried to call China to book for room. But unfortunately, I keep on failing to call them.

So, gotta google it to solve the thing

and at the end, thanks to google, I found out a way to call them & it really works!

Here go the tutorial,

Let's say The phone number appeared in China'website is 0773-8814077.

So for you, you gotta dial "132 00 86 773-8814077".

132 = IDD
00 = ??
86 = China country code
*Bear in mind, the "0" in front of 773 need to be deleted if you call from international (means out of China).

Hope this info is useful.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

LX3 versus FX200EXR, Round 1, Fight!





I am going to get a digital camera for my Guilin trip. However, I get stucked in somewhere else. All my friends highly suggested me to get Panasonic Lumix - LX3. But I have found Fujifilm Fx200EXR is the type I like. Most importantly, LX3 is much more expansive than FX200EXR.

The points of arguement are:

1. FX200EXR's battery is below par which makes the camera cannot go for a long duration photo taking.

2. LX3 is much more superior in term of wide angle, almost every technical thing. However, LX3 got a very deadly weakpoint which is it's zoom. A maximum of 4X zoom. I prefer to take a lot of scenery and I think zoom length is pretty essential for the business.

3. With semi-pro functions, FX200EXR is within my affordable range. LX3 is much more expensive. However, some evil friends suggest me to swipe my card for installment payment. Should I turned become banker's modern slave?

The statistics can be found in here: LX3 versus FX200EXR

Is there anyone can help me on this matter?

The Last Remnant

I found something that motivates me... and yes, it's game again(Ops I did it again... ).

However, it's not like any other PC game. It's Square-Enix latest masterpiece:

The Last Remnant

This game is for XBOX360 but surprisingly, they got another version which support PC platform (Weird huh?).

I thought the PC platform is always get ignored by Square-Soft. Luckily this time they did looked after us, the PC gamers.

I do appreciate their hardworks.


That day simply walking alone in Pasar Malam (Night Market) and stopped by a Cetak Rompak stall. The stall owner was a young guy and he highly recommended me to get the game. I had seen the game before in youtube but I just cannot believe the installation DVD is just in front of me. So, what to do? checked my wallet and paid for it without a rational & conscious mind (Oh no...).

After I get the DVD, went back to home and try to install it. And something bad really happened. The game requires at least 15G Disk space for the installation. So guys, do bear in mind about that. I have deleted a lot of rubbish just to install this game. >_<

After the installation, started the game. The opening movie gave me a stun! I cannot believe I was watching it with my own PC! I thought the best part is only the movie. However, the playing mode, the graphic quality is almost as same as the movie quality which makes the gaming experience very enjoyable & it's just like watching movie all the time.

The battle system is very unique. Quitting the individual battle system adopted from Final Fantasy Series. The Last Remnant is using a unique system called "union" system (squad system). That's mean, characters grouped-up into one squad and share the same HP. Player will controlling several squads during battle and the scene is just like a real armies fight!

For a real gamer, we know good music fill the game's soul & I think Tsuyoshi Sekito do really working hard for the game's soul.

Here are the examples of the soundtrack:

The Last Remnant OST - Silver of Hope

Tsuyoshi Sekito - Beat the Odds (The Last Remnant)

Nice huh? I did downloaded the soundtrack. You want me to share some with you? :p

Overall, the game still using the Final Fantasy style with tons of cinematic & a brand new battle system. Guys, it's worth to try out this game & hopefully it will not makes your life miserable.

By the way,

A music composer... my dream job... However, my faith with music had been ended when I was a 11yrs old kid... What a fate...

My mind is still with music now... But I am just pathetically... Hopeless...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I am very SAD now...

I am down now...

My friend, Nicholas just told me about Final Fantasy Orchestra in Singapore on this coming 22th & 23th May 2009, But when i found the link, everything is just too late. The tickets had been fully sold out.


WHAT? how can it be? I never heard about it before?!

or HELLO, are you discriminating Malaysian Fans now? !@#$%^&* (Sorry, just mumbling... )

I am so sad, what I can do now is only putting a gadget in my toolbox here... or maybe changing my wallpaper to FF... or maybe getting any orchestra soundtrack from China website, or...


If possible, can anyone help me to reflex my sadness to the organizer?

I am speechless now...


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cool Website Found!

Found a lot of cool websites with a lot of good quality Japanese Girls wallpapers & photo collections. I know it's not appropriate to post here, so, if you are interested, follow the links below.

(A lot of hot and spicy thingies, so ,make sure your mum, girlfriend(s), sister are not around you!)






But if you ask me am I going to download those movies? my comment is, no la, lazy to download one by one. It's pretty wasting time to download 17 files one by one. If you really desperate, go Torrent!

(Don't watch too much, not really healthy for your mentality.)



I know it's not appropriate to say here, but, I have to confess to my true instinct, i am ecchi-san... =="

Ero Banzai, Banzai Ero~~

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Tonight doing nothing but watching 3D anime that I just downloaded.

It's called "日本锁国" or "Vexille" in Mandarin/Japanese. The anime is similar like anime AppleSeed. superb graphic with nice music and sound effect.

Here goes the English trailer,

The storyline is good (Don't ask for any summary for it, I am a spoiler). Of course, again, it's music and sound effect matching the movie perfectly. It's worth to see.

Here goes one of it's fan's made MTV - Close Your Eyes by Basement Jaxx Ft. Linda Lewis

If you want the anime just tell me (I will charge ya :p just kidding).

Here goes 2 1280 X 800 Wallpapers for ya,


Out of topic, I realized getting more and more movies (including Asians' and westerners') are using the idea of the future disaster that caused by technological advanced. What's wrong with them? Are they running out of idea to write a good script?

How Can I Save Flash into my PC?

"How Can I Save Java Flash Game into my PC?"

Good question, I was wondering this question few day ago. after several "trial & error" of google'ing, I found two workable solutions. But sadly to say, only exclusive for Mozilla Firefox.

Sorry IE/Safari users...

The first one is pretty simple, for

Firefox for Newbies
a. Click Tools - Page Info
b. Click the Media Tab on the Page Info Windows
c. The media tab has a complete list (with preview) of Images, CSS Files and Shockwave Flash files that were downloaded by the Firefox browser while rendering (loading) the page.
d. Scroll down the list and locate the swf file.
e. Click the "Save As" button. Select some directory on your hard drive and save the file (No need for a third-party plug-in)

Firefox for Geeks and Power Users
a. Type about:blank in the Firefox address bar
b. Now click List cache entries or directly type about:cache?device=disk (Disk cache device)
c. Press Ctrl+F and try to location the flash file by typing some part of website URL or the flash file name or just .swf. After some hit and trial, you should be able to locate the swf file URL
d. Click the SWF URL to open the Cache Entry Information page. Right click on the link and choose "Save link as"

(From: Labnol.org. They do have IE solution, pls check.)

The second solution will be much more powerful.

Just download the Firefox add-ons: CacheViewer. It allows us to search for any temporary file (including banner, gif, jpg, or even the background) that we have just downloaded to our Mozilla Firefox Catche.

Once you found the thing that you want to download, simply select the file & use "Save as" command to save it to your designated place.

Simple and easy right? ;)

So, from now on, when you see cute flash games, animations or even just a plain stupid flash ads, you can grab them all in anytime, anywhere.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009


21/04/2009, 12.34am, 晴


我在人生十字路口中感到很迷茫, 我不知道该走那一条路了。


我对于我的无能感到无奈, 对于帮不上父亲的忙感到无力。

我对于母亲的寂寞感到感叹, 想跟她住在一起但却事与愿违。

我对于妹妹的生活, 怨恨自己不能在像以前一样和她大吵大闹。


我自己无助又无力,总想着该为这个家做点什么, 但自己的钱只能照顾好自己, 我不甘愿就这样一直下去, 难道我真的什么也做不到吗? 看着人家能成家立业,有的更能结婚生子, 但看看自己钱也没,老婆也没,人像游牧民族一样搬来搬去,我真的很。。。




Monday, April 13, 2009

The New Function for Old Diskettes

The invention of USB pen drive leads a big leap of our technology to a new era. However, how about our old diskettes? & what can we do for our remaining old diskettes?

Some people may throw it, while others may leave it there.

But, creativity will always gives us a new dimension & new solution.

Let's see how crazy people deal with old diskettes.


How's it?

Kylee - Vacancy

Last year watched an anime called 亡念的扎穆德 (Bounen_no_Xamdou) and the ending theme is superb. But i forgot why i did not download this song and accidentally forget about everything.

Recently recall back about this song and found it on youtube. The song's name is called "Vacancy" by Kylee.

Enjoy... :)

I have no idea who they are... according from some websites, she is just 14yrs old. Can you believe it?

Monday, April 06, 2009

Life is a Bitch!

Recently having tough scenario

My auntie, Kim, who working as a full time Insurance Agent with Prudential for more than 10 years share something with me. She said in her industry, they always cheering with each other with this statement.

"SW, SW, SW, Next!"

What is it means? Let me explain. It's is "Some will buy, some will not. So what? NEXT!"

Still don't get what I mean? Yes, because insurance is a selling based job, you will most probably get rejected by people, always. So, what can you do? Some rookies agent will get frustrated and keeps on thinking "Why he or her rejected my proposal?". In fact, this is one of the most common scenario that Rookies are facing.

What they need to do is, Changed their mindset to "SW, SW, SW, Next!". That's mean some people may buy from you, some may not, so what? it's not a big deal, let's move on and search for the next client/prospect!

Not only for insurance industry. Almost all sales characteristics jobs are relevent to this "SW" theory.

And thanks to my auntie Kim, I have learned something today!

Life is a bitch, yeah I agreed. So what? MOVE ON!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Different McDonald™ Meals in Different Countries

McDonald™, one of the world most famous fast food franchise that we couldn't live without.
But due to every local area has their very own taste or taboo, McDonald's food must meet every little single particular in order to survive in there, thus, your McDonald's meal must be very different than mine.

Okay, here come the first one, let me introduce the "Maharaja" from India.

OH MY GOD... This is just too awesome... wait... what's that meat? Indian do not eat beef because they appreciate cow's contribution to mankind. So, McDonald in India have to come out with this giant chicken burger. Next time if anyone travels to India, you must try the "Maharaja" once.

Okay, the next one,

This is one of the Mac meal in Norway. Norwegian cannot live without fish, that's why McDonald™ introduced "McLaks" (Grilled Fish meal). Looks yummy...

This one is the McDonald's meal from Germany. Have a look...

Hmm... that beverage looks suspicious. what's that? Don't tell me it's...

Yes, you are correct. That's beer!!

I have no idea what's that McDonald's meal. But according from source, that's lobster meat with salad sauce. LOBSTER!!! (but it only available in certain outlets of Canada... =_=")

This is McDonald's meal from Chile. You can substitute the ketchup or Chile sauce with their very own, unique fruit sauce. Hmm... looks sweet huh?

What's next?

Here come the Greece traditional food, "pita".

Hmm... McArabia... looks tasty too! But you can only get it from McDonald™ in Israel.


Are you hungry now?

Yes, i do.

But wait, pls hold your feet first.

Although McDonald claimed themselves "the healthy food". However, some of their food is against their philosophy. E.g. coke caused obesity & everyone knows about it. However, they still selling this high sugar thingy. It doesn't sounds correct.

So, perhaps next time they can substitute they soft drink to nice green tea?

Monday, March 23, 2009

一步一步來 (Step by Step)



童年時候多自在 樣樣都可愛
哥哥天天上學去 我等著他回來
爸爸笑著對我說 一步一步來
上了學校才知道 考試不可愛
上課總是看手表 哎喲假期幾時來
老師笑著對我說 一步一步來

十七八歲多古怪 學人談戀爱
情書寫了十多封 在車站苦等待
吃飯跳舞真不壞 送她回家說good night
她的媽媽開門說 你給我一步一步來
畢了業我才知道 社會更可愛
應徵前後幾十次 只有一次沒失敗
薪水不敢說出來 夜裡要把工開
現在行情壞 我的老板說 你要一步一步來

結了婚我才知道 什麼叫做債
老婆總算娶回來 沒錢生小乖乖
家俱電器真不賴 價錢更精彩
夜夜繽紛看開懷 其他一步一步來
天才不是人人做 平凡也不壞
我說搭巴士也要把隊排 你要一步一步來

This is so true. Life got no take two. So, enjoy your life in every moment!

It's them again...

"Ever since Derek and I seen those Acai pills on Cnn and Oprah we have been taking them and losing so much weight so fast with no diets or excercise , we are living proof that it works like magic and they are only five dollars now to try from http://flapmote.com"

"Howdy, I just spoke to Becca and Brice, and they told me to check out some pills they saw on Oprah. They said they lost 23 pounds in about amonth with them. Anyway you can find them here for only $5 http://fastflic.com"

"Finally I lost over 31 pounds in less then a month, these new Acai tablets that Jess and I been taking are amazing. They just work super fast on your body fat without any diets or excerice best thing? Cost just 5 dollars over at http://gladflic.com"

Yes, it's them again.

Asking me, an underweight guy, to reduce weight is so damn wrong.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Forex or not?

Forex or not?

Recently my housemate asking me to join her very own forex portfolio as she is doing well in forex industry. I am really eager to try. The leverage for forex is good. However, if u make a loss, you will lose everything.

I have discussed this investment with some friends and their reactions are vary. Some remain neutral while the others criticized the plan. So at the end of the day, I still cannot made up my mind.

But from my stock market class,

One key idea for investment is, the amount of profit that you are going to earn in the investment is the amount that you are going to lose. This is what my master taught me before.

For me, active investment plan involved your personal commitment and effort of research. However, if you are going to join for a well managed fund by another party, it will be great if you can get the return from that. But what if you suffer a loss from that investment, you cannot blame anyone even the fund managing person.

Although the statements above sounds pretty difficult to imagine. However, this is very true if you are involved in the game.

The US economic crisis is really worse now & all of the world are having consequences. Some of us lose our jobs while the others making loss in their mutual funds or investments. However, please believe yourself as we will go thru this. We invented the money and we will control them. Not money control the human.

From now on, other than for the basic need of human life: Cloth, Food, Shelter, Transport, we have to think twice before we spent the money.

iMac or not? bah, next time.
Shopping fair in London? bah next time.
Haagen-dazs ice-cream? hell not, next time.

We will get them all once we had gone thru the stupid financial crisis. Cheers! :p

"Yes, we can!"

-Lavian out-

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Funny MSN Virus again... What's now? http://tearfade.com?!

It seems like MSN virus getting even much more serious than before. A lot of my friends keep on sending offline MSN ads to me & I found out something funny. There are getting more and more keep fit program ads on air.


from: Enter At Your Own Risk

(This is just tip of iceberg. I think now the over-weight market is getting profitable than before... that's why so many spams regarding about this now... LOL...)

But one thing is making me mad, come on, Mr.Virus, you did not researched carefully. I am under-weight and now you asking me to get the stupid thingy?! hell not!

(Mr.Virus, if you promote me some weight gain products, I will consider it... LOL...)

I think very soon, there will have advanced virus which can steal all our personal private data and according to the data they have, sending the pc owner relevent ads...

OK, so, what's the solution?

Probably, you have to change your MSN password since they will automatically sign out your MSN and spam their bloody hell keep fit program ads to your friends.

No worries, just follow my step.

Go to MSN Member Services Site and simply click on the "change password" option at the left panel bar. Once confirmed, then try to login your Windows Live Messenger and see whether the virus still exist.

I not sure whether this is the best solution. However guys, Please do update me if there is any better solution to get rid of this funny thingy.

Have a nice day. :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Malaysian Traveler's Blog, NicoleKiss

Accidentally found a cool Malaysian traveler's blog, it's Nicolekiss's blog.

She is young but it seems like she travels a lot. She sounds like addicted in traveling. I wonder how much she have spent for her trips. However, you can found a lot of interesting and detail traveling notes from her's blog.

By the way, the website is pretty cool, just give it a visit. :p

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dek Woon Wai

Another nice Thai song from "Four Mod"

Song name called "Dek Woon Wai" (I have checked with my Thai colleague, "Dek means kid, Woon Wai means chaotic/bad")

Thai lyric is here:
dai khae pen huang,
nang mong thoe yu
khao mai yai di ko ru,
da tae cham thaen thoe

cha phut cha plop
rai kha sa moe
thueng phut wa chan khae thoe
khon mai chuai a rai

yak bok yak tham trong trong
ko klua thoe khong ram khan
loai nag ngiap ngiap yu yang ni

aep khit thueng thoe thuk wan
thang thi yu khang thoe
aep hen thuk thi thi thoe khoi mong khao
yak phut wa rak sak kham
ko khong cha saen bao
thoe hen rao pen khae dek wun wai

tha rueang khong thoe
mai khao chai rok
khao thing thoe pai mai pho
ro tai khao tham mai

laeo rueang khong rao
khao chai bang mai
thoe tham hai tho thao rai
tham mai khae khae thoe

yak bok yak tham trong trong
ko klua thoe khong ram khan
loei nag ngiap ngiap yu yang ni


thoe khae mai ru
rue thoe klaeng tham pen mai ru
bok hai chan ru sak kham dai mai

khae thoe mai mong kham kan
mong ta ko khong khao chai
mai mong kham pai yang ni

refrain*(2x repeat)

I cannot get any English lyric for this song. If anyone have the English lyric, pls kindly tell me where you get it.

Thank you very much.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Idea Bank

Accidentally found Free Idea Bank from a local community forum.

As Forbes announced before, Creativity is the next big gold mine for the industry.

Similar like MP3 industry. Although all MP3 are having similar functions and engaging in Red Sea War. However, Steve Jobs integrate their MP3 with something "extra" & thus, Ipod series has ruling the MP3 market up to today!

You maybe telling me that Steve Jobs is a creative, brilliant guy. Yes, I do agreed with you. However, if you clear about what is creativity, you won't be surprised about this.

In fact, creativity can be found at any place, any time, by anyone. Everyone is unique and has their own creativity in certain fields. However, what makes a huge different between them & Steve Jobs is, commercialized value of creativity!

It's difficult to explain more.

You can start from today, find your own creativity and make it commercialized! I know it's tough to think about it. But if you don't do it, you get zero.


Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Jewel in the Jungle

I went to Angkor Wat with Nicholas by AirAsia on middle of January.

Nicholas brought his DSLR and he took a lot of photos. However, I do not have any camera, so i just simply fooling around. (What a waste!)

So, how about the trip? What i can say about Angkor Wat is, It's absolutely awesome.

The following video is just to stimulate your mind. Have a look.

Angkor Wat BBC Documentary Description Video Siem Reip

How's it?

I went to few major temples too.

Angkor Wat let me recall a place in Diablo 2 Act 3, Kurast Dock. the music just match perfectly with the image of Angkor Wat. I only can found

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Nice Thai Song - เป็นแฟนกันไหม (pen-faen-kan-mai) by Four Mod

Nice Thai Song to introduce!~

This song is called "bpen faen gan mai" from the album In Wonderland by Four Mod.

Here is the Lyric, let's sing :)

เธอมีเวลาพอคุยกับฉันบ้างรึเปล่า หายเคืองกันรึยัง
ter mee way-laa por kui gap chan baang reu bplao haai keuang gan reu yang
Do you have some time to talk to me? Have you stop being angry with me yet?

ที่คอยทำตัวไม่ดีกับเธอทุกๆอย่าง ฉันเองก็เสียใจ
tee koi tam dtua mai dee gap ter took-took yaang chan eng gor sia jai
Everything that I had ever misbehaved towards you, I'm sorry.

ฉันเพิ่งได้เรียนรู้ ว่าทำใจหล่นหาย
chan perng daai rian roo waa tam jai lon haai
I'd just learnt, to come to terms with my losses.

หวังว่าคงไม่สาย ที่จะกลับมาหา เธอวันนี้
wang waa kong mai saai tee ja glap maa haa ter wan nee
I hope that it is not too late to come and look for you today.

เป็นแฟนกันไหม ฉันถามใจมานาน
bpen faen gan mai chan taam jai maa naan
Whether to be lovers with you , I'd asked my heart for a long time.

ก็กว่าจะมั่นใจ ว่าเธอคือคนนั้น
gor gwaa ja man-jai waa ter keu kon nan
And It takes sometime to be confident that you're the one.

ตอบกันมาได้ไหม เพราะใจก็เริ่มหวัง
dtop gan maa daai mai pror jai gor rerm wang
Can you answer me, because my heart is also secretly hoping,

เธอยังอยาก มีแฟนเป็นฉันใช่ไหมเธอ
ter yang yaak mee faen bpen chan chai mai ter
That you still want to have me as your lover, isn't it?

รู้ไหมว่าฉันต้องรอจนเหงา ถึงเข้าใจ ว่าใครที่สำคัญ
roo mai waa chan dtong ror jon ngao teung kao jai waa krai tee sam-kan
Do you know that I had to wait till I'm very lonesome to understand that who is the important one to me.

ยังดีอยู่นะ วันนี้ที่ฉันเข้าใจทัน ว่าฉันน่ะรักเธอ
yang dee yoo na wan nee tee chan kao jai tan waa chan na rak ter
It's still alright dear, that today I understood in time, that I love you.

ฉันเพิ่งได้เรียนรู้ ว่าทำใจหล่นหาย
chan perng daai rian roo waa tam jai lon haai
I'd just learnt, to come to terms with my losses.

หวังว่าคงไม่สาย ที่จะกลับมาหา เธอวันนี้
wang waa kong mai saai tee ja glap maa haa ter wan nee
I hope that it is not too late to come and look for you today.

เป็นแฟนกันไหม ฉันถามใจมานาน
bpen faen gan mai chan taam jai maa naan
Whether to be lovers with you , I'd asked my heart for a long time.

ก็กว่าจะมั่นใจ ว่าเธอคือคนนั้น
gor gwaa ja man-jai waa ter keu kon nan
And It takes sometime to be confident that you're the one.

ตอบกันมาได้ไหม เพราะใจก็เริ่มหวัง
dtop gan maa daai mai pror jai gor rerm wang
Can you answer me, because my heart is also secretly hoping,

เธอยังอยาก มีแฟนเป็นฉันใช่ไหมเธอ
ter yang yaak mee faen bpen chan chai mai ter
That you still want to have me as your lover, isn't it?

yaak ja dern joong chan meu chan kaam ta-non mai ter
Do you want to walk holding my hands to cross the roads?

bpai doo nang yoo tee nang dto dtit gan mai
To watch a movie, do you want to sit on the cushion close together with me?

dton chao-chao wan aa-tit ter na kit teung krai
Every Sunday morning who do you miss?

ฉันคิดถึงเธอจังเลย รู้เปล่า
chan kit teung ter jang loie roo bplao
Do you know that I miss you dearly?

เป็นแฟนกันไหม ฉันถามใจมานาน
bpen faen gan mai chan taam jai maa naan
Whether to be lovers with you , I'd asked my heart for a long time.

ก็กว่าจะมั่นใจ ว่าเธอคือคนนั้น
gor gwaa ja man-jai waa ter keu kon nan
And It takes sometime to be confident that you're the one.

ตอบกันมาได้ไหม เพราะใจก็เริ่มหวัง
dtop gan maa daai mai pror jai gor rerm wang
Can you answer me, because my heart is also secretly hoping,

เธอยังอยาก มีแฟนเป็นฉันใช่ไหมเธอ
ter yang yaak mee faen bpen chan chai mai ter
That you still want to have me as your lover, isn't it?

ตอบกันมาได้ไหม เพราะใจก็เริ่มหวัง
dtop gan maa daai mai pror jai gor rerm wang
Can you answer me, because my heart is also secretly hoping,

เธอยังอยาก มีแฟนเป็นฉันใช่ไหม
ter yang yaak mee faen bpen chan chai mai
That you still want to have me as your lover, isn't it?

Nice song right? ;)

P/S: This recall my old time in Thailand, if I am still working in there, I wonder do I speak native Thai now. haha

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Best Free Style Dancing

Accidentally found some funny videos from Youtube and post it in here to share.

The Best Free Style Dancing in Japan


So how's it?

Do anyone have any idea about this entertainment show?

I wanna watch it more! :D

Here go another funny thingy

Funny Japanese Milk Advertisement


Weird but funny advertisement. lol

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Angkor Wat, Here I come~

Before I resigned from my previous company, I fully utilised my staff benefit, my staff ticket and booked it for Angkor Wat from 16/01/09 to 18/01/09. But due to I am just too poor and some more not sure about my leave application in my current company, I have choice but thinking to forfeit this weekend trip. :(

However, something happened. My boss said I can always apply leave as long as it's under procedures and I finished urgent thingies in the company. So, I think i am able to go for this trip and straight away called the hotel, Potted Palm Golden Inn for room reservation. Haha

The location at the left side of Siem-Reap old market.

(Click for original view)

Yeah,I can't imagine how's Angkor Wat will looks like with my bare eyes.

(Saddest part is, I become poorer again... Have to eat bread for all day long then...)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Oh my God... I want to get it!!

Oh my god, recently visit Meronpan's blog and found new Goodsmile's saber figure.

Look at the armor, it's so real! & the pose is just perfect! nothing eroge and looks extremely cool!

More info can be found in Goodsmile's Saber Figure.

Really planning to get one. But just running out of money. :(

Poor, really poor now, both physically and mentally.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Daddy, 501st Trooper is cool!

Due to DannyChoo, I have learnt the power of darkside.

Just kidding, Danny Choo revealed to me that there are a group of crazy Star War Fans wearing Troopers suit and doing something crazy.

I thought they are just band of crazy people until I accidentally found this youtube link,

(I personally love the song at the ending part)

Welcome to meet the 501st Legion, a worldwide crazy Star Wars Fans Club.

Surprisingly, I thought they just having some kind of cosplay activities in public area. However, the youtube link proved that I was wrong. In fact, they do community works too! (but in their costume)

They are serving the community like a real soldier & oh dad, they are cool!

I wanna join the forces now!

(But what should I do?)

First thing first, I need a Star War costume too. But where can I get it? :(

I simply search through the internet for the costume price. Oh my god. It's so expensive.

A cheap trooper Costume looks like this:

& the cost is about $69.95

Here you go, a better trooper costume looks like this:

and the cost is about $739.95

What?! $740?! Oh my god. It is just too expensive for me. It's just too over for me unless I only consumed bread as my meal for half year (IT CANNOT BE!).

Donation pls... T_T

I am wondering is there any cheaper but looks better Star War costume to get?


Is there any crazy friend wanna join the 501st Legion too?

Solution for Piclooks.com??

Hi Guys, after trial and error, I found out the solution and it is pretty easy. Just simple change your MSN password will do.

Dunno how to change your password?

No worries, just follow my step.

Go to MSN Member Services Site and simply click on the "change password" option at the left panel bar. Once confirmed, then try to login your Windows Live Messenger and see whether the virus still exist.

I not sure whether this is the best solution. However guys, Please do updates me if there is any updates or better solution to get rid of the scam.

Thank you & have a nice day. :D

MSN again, now, it's virus from piclooks (NEVER EVER OPEN PICLOOKS)

Yes, it's MSN again.

Early morning I received an offline message from my uncle. It's something like this:

"Hey, how are you young man?"



So I thought nothing special because I opened my MSN overnight while I was sleeping.

After I saw this message. He was offline. So I thought he opened a blog and trying to promote his blog. I just simply clicked on the link.

The webpage required me to sign in my Windows Live ID. So I just simply filled it in.

And then, nothing happened. I realized something wrong already and I just simply forget about it.

After awhile, my friends telling me that i keep on sending out virus to their PC via MSN. OH MH GOD... WHAT THE... and now, I know i made a very silly mistake and causing the others in troubles.

I am very regret about it and I cannot contact my uncle. I wonder what's wrong with him now.

The following is the printscreen of the page. Beware!

Dare to have a look? you can go to the link however PLS DON'T EVER FILLED IN ANYTHING!

Please kindly warn your friends and family regarding about this god damn virus.

Thank you.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Marketing Strategy: Hot Girls in Red Alert 3

Recently I just installed Red Alert 3 to my computer.

The gameplay is smooth and great. But a little bit laggy for me as my computer don't really support the graphic and i have no money to upgrade my precious babe.

The Soviet still stick with their Tesla technology + Kirov airship + terror drone + Apocalypse tank.

The Alliance still focus more on their air force and i think their sea force is relatively weaker than the others.

Now, they added in another new race called "The Empire of the Rising Sun". This race is superior in water. However, they are quite problematic in their air defense. The land force also ain't that strong. But don't worry about this because most of their units are highly versatile. Either can change to anti-air or anti land & it's pretty useful in many different scenarios.

My friend told me that Rocket angle is the best. However, i found out the Empire's Shogun Battleship is the most imbalance unit. Their extremely devastating damage +extremely long range + rapid fire ability making them unmatched in the sea battle or any coastal bombardment.

One thing i need to highlight this time is, sea war. This time, Red Alert 3 seems emphasizing more on the sea war which i feel pretty cool. As you can check for almost every skirmish map contains rivers or sea. Strong naval armies is a not an optional objective anymore. :D

OK, now back to the main topic.

Due to following Red Alert 2's path, they still continuing using celebrities as their gameplay characters as well as in the movie in stead of using fake 3d characters in their movie. I think this is pretty cool.

For this Red Alert 3, I found out this used more hot female celebrities to represent their gameplay characters and generals.

& some of them really looks adorable. :D

So my perversity drive me to check for the details of these hot girls, and thanks to google again, it is so simple to get their details.

The following video is the summary of those hot girls.

So, here are their real identity:

Special Agent Tanya: Played by Jenny McCarthy
Intelligence Officer Dasha Fedorovich: Played by Ivana Miličević
Commander Zhana Agonskaya: Played by Vanessa Branch
Commander Lisette Hanley: Played by Autumn Reeser
Natasha Volkova: Played by mixed martial arts fighter Gina Carano
Intelligence Officer Suki Toyama: Japanese officer: Played by Kelly Hu
Lieutenant Eva McKenna: Played by Gemma Atkinson

For Natasha, I don't think Gina is suitable as their gameplay character actually is a long hair Blonde however Gina has brown short hair which her image seems not that suitable with the gameplay Natasha. How about Jessica Simpson? :D


For me, I love the Alliance Commander Lisette Hanley, she looks cute and her voice is pretty sweet. I think I will fall in love with her. Her real identity is Autumn Reeser, an American actress.

Another WOW picture.


It's controversy that Red Alert 3 started to using those hot girls as their marketing tools to grab more perverts (like me) playing their game. The community saying that EA knows they cannot beat Blizzard's best selling strategy games: Starcraft & Warcraft. So, they evolved by implementing more hot celebrities as their marketing tools support. Some of the people claiming that EA is pathetic while the others saying that EA should focus more on its game developing.

For me, I found this research pretty interesting and I am ok with the hot girls. Why those people want to make their life miserable. It will be better if you can playing games while enjoying your vision with hot girls. Don't you agreed? :D

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Why I Cannot Login to My Windows Live Messenger

I just reinstalled my Windows Xp from SP2 to SP3. And still like before, my windows live messenger is down even though i am connected to network

I search through the internet, and thanks to google, I found several solutions which sounds pretty easy to do.

After trial and error, I found out the solutions which are workable for me. So I just wanna share it up.

Here we go.

start --> run --> (then paste the items below, one by one)

REGSVR32 softpub.dll

REGSVR32 wintrust.dll

REGSVR32 initpki.dll

REGSVR32 Rsaenh.dll

REGSVR32 Mssip32.dll

REGSVR32 Cryptdlg.dll

REGSVR32 Dssenh.dll

REGSVR32 Gpkcsp.dll

REGSVR32 Slbcsp.dll

REGSVR32 Sccbase.dll

After you registered all the .dll file, it should be ok for you to login. However, your login duration might not be long.

But, I found another way, you can try it too, at least one more time. It works for me in Windows XP SP3.

- Click on Start/
then select run/
then type the following.

Cmd.exe then press Enter key.

then type, Netsh Winsock Reset

You will receive the following message.

Sucessfully reset the Winsock Catalog.

You Must restart the machine in order to complete the reset.

I mean, seriously, Windows Live Messenger team know the problem and they do even giving solution to the public via email. However, since so many versions of Live Messenger have been released, why i cannot see any improvement on this issue?

I am wondering now...

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Soul Eater 39

Recently feel very empty in my mind as Soul Eater 39 was not released at last week. (31/12/08) :(

The mechanism behind that driving me keep on updating my soul eater collection is pretty simple, "Addiction".

Started from March, I accidentally get the first and second episodes of Anime: Soul Eater. And after watching it, straight away get addicted by the art style of the anime.

It's cool... Refer to the link below:

Soul Eater Official Website

Now is goodies time,

one cool wallpaper for Soul Eater!

I grabbed the wallpaper from AnimePaper.

(By the way, i have collected 38 episodes already and it cost me a total storage of 4gb... =_=" If you want a copy pls tell me, I will burnt it for ya!)

Missing Dumpling

Today i surfed through one mandarin forum and found this pic.

Missing Dumpling

The translation is something like,

"I heard this story from my gangster buddy..."

"Rumor claimed that there is a secret shop selling steam dumpling made by human flesh..."

"A stubborn man don't believe the rumor and bought one steam dumpling from that shop..."

"On the way back to home, he felt creepy, and opened the box that carrying the dumpling..."

"He found out there was a missing dumpling..."

"He tried to persuade himself that there was a missing dumpling started from the beginning..."

"When reached the next corner, the man re-open the again and found out there was another missing dumpling..."

"He remained conscious and tried to calm down himself..."

"Now, he re-opened it again, and for this time, there was another 3 missing dumpling..."

"This time, he couldn't controlled himself anymore. He screamed..."

"He quickly closed the box and re-opened it again. Now, all the dumpling has gone..."

"He was extremely scaring now and tried again..."

"And at the end, all the missing dumpling sticked under the box's cover..."

I know it's lame. But this is one of the best part for GTO comic.

Anyone read this comic/watch this anime before? It's absolutely hilarious and I believe a lot of readers agreed with me...

I love GTO & it's drawer/producer, however after "Tokko", I have no idea what's his latest product. Anyone have the idea?

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