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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Almost Cried

Last month, my mum and sister came to KL to visit me.

They came to see a well-known doctor for my sister's backbone problem & stayed in my place for almost a month.

其实,我的工并不是那么的平步青云。 我往往因为在外受气而感到精疲力尽,一个人住惯的我已习惯性得依赖电脑, 工作回到家后我通常只对着电脑来发泄, 什么话也不想说(我终于明白为什么很多人的爸爸都不爱说话那么cool了)。
In fact, my work is not doing well. Due to I have to suffered from outside and since I used to be live alone already, once I have finished my work and go back to my place, I tend to be facing the computer for the whole day without speaking any single word. Because my mind is blank and I just want to have a rest. (Now i know why a lot of my friends' dad are so quiet & cool)

我妈时常在我放工后对我唠叨,这是很致命的, 因为我的脾气,心情已经很差了,在我最该放松的地方还要吵。我一直在忍让。 但是结果有一天我还是爆了, 结果我和妈吵了起来。
So back to the time where my mum stayed with me last month. My mum always scolded me for many little things. This can be very dangerous because my mood was very upset after work and supposed my private room is the only place to let me have a break. But now it had turned into another chaotic area. I kept quiet for many days. However, due to some tiny thingies, I hardly to control myself & quarreled with mum & of course, both of us felt not well about this.

好了,就在31/07/09那天,我妈和妹得离开KL到JB去了。 我带她们到车站去。 就在临行的那一刻,妈说,看到我的工作这么不顺利后, 我真担心你在这的生活,你的人又不爱好好照顾自己。 我知道你苦,但有苦千万别放在心上,要说出来,不要一个人独自消化。 说完我妈当着我的面哭了。 我心里一股脑儿的乱, 心情是很牛逼的复杂。
OK, on 31/07/09, they decided to go back JB. I brought them to bus station. Before they left, mum talked to me. She said:"I know you are worrying about your job's stability too & I am quite worrying about you. You always don't take good care of yourself. I know you suffered a lot here. But if you having any problem, don't try to put it inside your heart. In fact, you should speak out your mind or discuss with us. Don't try to face the problem alone, always." When finished, she cried in front of me at the bus station. My mind went blank and my mood was mixed with feelings.

就在巴士车上,妈和妹看了来送行的我,忍不住就哭了起来,想起妈妈的话和看到这样的画面,我的眼睛突然好热,两眼突然很想流泪。 我一很久没有流泪了, 心想假如我就这样一不小心也哭了起来她们一定会哭的更惨,更加担心我。 我把心一横,强忍眼泪,对着她们微笑挥手,并不时把头往後看假装注意后面的东西来调整心情。
So they moved into the express bus and before the bus run off, they saw me starring at them. They cried again. when I saw this scene & thought about mum's statement, my eyes turned extremely hot and something gonna flow from my eyes. Such a long time I never cried for anything. I know I cannot simply cry in front of them, this will make them more worrying about me. I took a deep breath and smiled to them, waved my hands and asked them to take good care of themselves. I kept on turning back my body to pretend seeing things behind me, but in fact, I just wanted to hold my tears!

最后,她们还是走了。 我回到房间,心想我该怎么做呢?
At the end, they still left. I backed to my room, and thinking what should I gonna do now?

妈,妹, 你们也别担心我了, 我一定会努力想办法的。。。 我会坚强的。。。
Mum, sis, you all should not worrying about me, I will think a way, I gonna be strong...

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