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Thursday, October 29, 2009

P1, what's wrong with you lately?

I am not bull-shitting!

My area P1 is getting worse than ever! Check the following picture!

Tonight signal was damn lousy. I can't even open www.google.com. >o< Was doing nothing but to read comic at the end (Thanks god I don't have important things to do with internet during that time)

P1, what's wrong with you lately? If the slow connectivity is about one night then it's still considerable. However, things are getting nasty and happen every night. We do think you are different from TmNut - Screamyx (Pronounce as Scream Max). But please don't disappoints us and we will consider you are in the same category with Nut Nut (TmNut) if no improvement has been done.

This video is what I found from youtube regarding about TmNut, enjoy.

Screamyx? P1Wimax? Celcom? Maxis?

I feel sick about our internet service seriously... :(

Monday, October 26, 2009

P1Wimax, I am going to CUT YOU!

Have you "Potong" already?!?!?

This is one of the famous slogan from P1Wimax, one of the fast expanding ISP in Malaysia and asking people to unsubscribe from their competitors and get rewarded by them.

Brilliant marketing idea! However, before we go to marketing part, let's look at some terrible points of P1Wimax...

P1Wimax, I am going to CUT YOU!

I thought you were the savior to save me from the hell of screamyx, However, you just brought me from one hell to the another hell...

P1Wimax, I am going to CUT YOU!

You like to get disconnected during evening which is the most vital time for everyone.

P1Wimax, I am going to CUT YOU!

Your salespersons suck! Every time using the same excuse for your inconsistent connectivity. That's "Currently our server is having upgrade & that's why you are experiencing slow in connectivity. However, it will be faster after that."

They keep on saying that for half a year already and yet improvement haven't come out yet!

P1Wimax, I am going to CUT YOU!

After subscribing you, I still cannot watch Mr.Brown Show via youtube directly! (That's mean, still need to wait for half an hour to stream it T_T)

P1Wimax, I am going to CUT YOU!

During PCFair, you had showed me how fantastic you were. However, looks at yourself now, how pathetic you are...

P1Wimax, I am going to CUT YOU!

You prevent me to download stuff (Including ecchi stuff >_< ) via emule & Bitcomet

P1Wimax, I am going to CUT YOU!

Your inconsistent connectivity killed my characters N times! blood for blood, scum!

P1Wimax, I am going to CUT YOU!

You made my Pangya OB rate higher than ever!! Roar!!

P1Wimax, I am going to CUT YOU!

You asking me to cut from your rivals, however, what is your point to ask us to cut from them?? Show me your strength or I will really cut your line.

P1Wimax, I am going to CUT YOU!

You are disappointing me...


Monday, October 19, 2009

Virgin Blue vs V Australia?!

Due to curiosity, I went to youtube and searched for Virgin advertisement. And guess what, there are plenty of videos about Virgin Group. Their business covered Entertainment (Virgin Music), Healthiness & Lifestyle (Virgin Active, Virgin Spa), Drinks and Wine (Virgin Drinks & Virgin Wine), really a lot!

They even have Hot Air Balloon business (Virgin Ballon)!

I am wondering they produced it all by themselves or having joint venture with some other parties which have the technology or competitive advantages.

One of the most successful story about Virgin is their aviation business.

Interestingly, I found out Virgin got a lot, really a lot of Airline Subsidiaries. Virgin Blue, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin America, Virgin Nigeria, Virgin Air, etc. really a lot!

Below are some of the impressive TV commercials

Virgin Blue - Where Great Ideas Fly

Really superb with the comparison method. Nice.

V Australia 'Fly Girls' TV Commercial

Looks Pretty high class huh?

In fact, what's the difference between Virgin Blue and V Australia?

My friend, Nicholas, who always stay tune in aviation industry explained to me Virgin Blue is Australia Domestic Flight however V Australia is long haul flight connecting Australia and America.

I have no idea about it, but after watching the V Australia commercials, I would like to try this airline.






Those flight attendants are hot!!

(Sorry, I couldn't control... It can't be helped)

Warcraft 3 Sick Moves by Pro

Feeling boring and surfing in youtube and accidentally found some sick moves of Warcraft3!!

Have a look, it's worth to watch!


It's so good to play with these players. They are really good & pro. I really missing my old days playing warcraft3 with my mates everyday... Now, everything gone... oh sad...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Business 101

Monday went to meet 7eleven Malaysia HQ. We discussed a lot about the SOP of selling food in their outlets and surprisingly, I just realized I really not ready yet. What's the problem? Yes, it's all about money, Capital...

Talked with my supplier willing to take consignment or not, however, they said a big NO due to they really prefer C.O.D. (Cash on Delivery) and non-returnable.

So, now, I am stucked! None of the parties willing make changes and work it out.

You must be wondering what really kills me right? Let me show you the calculation:

7eleven needs us to sell with a minimum selection of 20 of their outlets, let say each outlet you only selling 20 Onigiri, (20 Onigiri x 20 outlets) There are 400 onigiri need to be ready per day!

Payment term from 7eleven is about 45 days to 60 days. We pick the minimum 45 days. 400 onigiri per day plus 45 days (400 x 45 days) is equal to 18000 Onigiri!!

with 400 onigiri productivity per day, I can bargain for a cheaper price of RM2.25 per item.

My cost for 18000 onigiri is (RM2.25 x 18000) about RM40500!! And this amount haven't include any wages, delivery cost or even, tax!

However, my supplier wants me to pay in COD or one week payment term. That's mean I have to settle my supplier's bill with cash while waiting 7eleven to pay me after 45 days!. Take note that each day operation still have to ongoing. How can I survive with that?!

A cheap onigiri selling in 7eleven or any other convenient store can be a very, serious matter which will cost you thousands of money.

I just want those friends who are interested in starting up your very own business to think more about their capital. Capital really kills and it's killing me now.

First thing you have to be in your mind is, Capital, yes, capital! $$$

Hell or Heaven? duel one, FIGHT!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

A Turning Point in My Life

Recently pretty tired, boring & worrying.

Tired of busy around for... emm... nothing!

Boring for emptiness in my life? people said: "get a life, man!" But where is my life?!

Worrying about future life. Worrying about Income < Expenses and get killed by Bills & Credit Cards.

What can I do?!

Yes, I found a way. But it comes along with a huge risk!

Guess what? Own business!

I had been resigned from previous company and doing really hard for my new things.

& of course, I forgot to update my blog.

My bad. :s

Now I am selling onigiri in bulk to convenient shops. colleges & offices Cafeterias, Buble Tea Stalls, etc.

What is Onigiri? Yes, here you go


This is my precious which can be easily found in any spot of Taiwan, Japan but not Kuala Lumpur. That's why I think it's potential to be heathen up in Malaysians market.

Besides that, I do sell fruit juice too!


It is tough to working alone. Selling, talking rubbish, making new friends, delivering, collecting payment is my routine job.

Life is tough, but for my family, I gotta be strong.

And some nights I will think myself to draw back. However, I foresee the outcome & I forced myself to preserve.

Now, it seems I am getting more and more positive feedback from the public!

This coming Friday going to meet myNEWS.com and hopefully they will accept my onigiri without cutting the price.

Next Monday going to meet 7-11 and same thing, perhaps they will accept the deal without exploit us, the poor dealer.

& I am thinking to sell it back to AirAsia! haha...

My friends, pls pray for me.


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