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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Life in Miri Part 1

3-4-2007, Tuesday, 5.48pm

Finally, This is my final semester in Miri (hopefully everything run smoothly). But it seems like this semester getting challenging to me... =.=" This is due to

(1) One of my groupmate in Finance (portfolio) 301 suddenly withdraw that unit... and smile to me, i know u can do it... WTF... It gonna be a very hard time for me... How come most of the Mirians so selfish and simple minded one?? do they ever tried to think about how the others feel??

(2) Back to farking Mirian issue, my "lovely" (farking) neighbour like seafood so much... these few days the weather is so hoy... and they like to drying their lovely seafood mixture (kind of mixture consisted from sotong, prawn, etc) and it's farking smelly... this farking smell makes my room so farking smelly for several days until now... T_T i can't erase the smell with ambi pure... =.="

(3) Besides that, my "lovely" (farking) neighbour started to feed one more "kokok" (chicken) and now they have 4 "kokok"s already... and actually, these group of "kokok"s having shift... from 3am, 6am, 9am, 12pm, 3pm, 12am... each day nearly 6 different shifts to make "kokok" sound... =.=" and now their band become more stronger... because this new hired "kokok" actually playing "bass" part... =.=" and it's farkingly annoying

How come most of the Mirians so selfish and simple minded one?? do they ever tried to think about how the others feel??

I complained this to my father before, but his comment is, please preserve it... because you are in others place now... and they are bumiputera from kampung (village) one... and this is their lifestyle... should not complained so much about it... try to tolerate them... =.="

Actually, i know... my neighbour family members all are good person... Friendly and helpful... but maybe can i say like this?? they are too simple-minded until they don give a damn on how other people feel...

Haha... actually, nothing special already... since it's just a common phenomena in Miri here... and i just left 2 to 3 more months to leave this "living hell"... lol... ^o^

Miri = Living Hell

Monday, April 02, 2007

New friends met in KL :)

Haha... I nearly forgot to introduce my new friends who help and accompany me in KL... :)

Firstly, he is one of my oldest friend... i knew him since Junior one in TTSS but we never get so close before... MingZai, the crazy, hardcore, insane, commercialized engineer in Malaysia, or maybe even in the world... you are so passionate that i am affected by you... Hope you can get rich in your future engineer career... :) you are the best!!

The second one is Gerald Ong... lol... hey, you looks kinda of fierce and quiet... And the first day i know you i hardly to believe you are the ex-president of Student Council for Monash Uni in KL. But when time passed by, haha, i have to re-construct my statement... Gerald, you are the man... and i confirmed you can success in your life... he is funny, passionate, organized, and friendly... very busy... busy for CHC( cell leader, lol... ^^), busy for your work ( haha... hopefully you can command Japanese language well)... Hey, please sleep more ah... i wonder how come he can preserve even he just slept for 2 or 3 hours per day last for several days... =.="

Third, ya... is you... Peter Lim... another cell leader for CHC and housemates of Mingzai too... hmm... hopefull your "Junior Lim" ambition can fulfilled (domination of local fast food industry... lol) and wish you good luck for your Manchester United Football Club... lol... good game to Liverpool Football Club... haha, and until now, i still remember you spread the "prison break" virus to me... lol

By the way, Gerald is the CHC MU cheer leader and Peter is the logistic coordinator/ informer for any MU news and event... haha

Next one, the poor Alex Sii... always get bullied by your housemates... lol... but honestly, you are so dirty lehh... really dirty.. and your room are so smelly... lol XD... But don't worry, you are a nice person too... and from you, i realized there are lots of similarities between you and me... bad news is these similarities is our weeknesses which should improved... aiks... =.=" good luck to you... happy go lucky!!

Jessel, the crazy Japanese oriented Sandakan guy... you are so crazy to learn those Japanese thing... thanks to introduce me www.gendou.com to download any nice anime music... and i still remember your theory about why you cannot married in the future... lol... interesting and realistic... haha good luck to you!!

Kelvin the Philipino... you are such a good person... and nice to meet you... and you are my Japaneses language sensei... lol... you forgot to teach me all the pronunciations ahh... =.="

I still wonder whether can make Mingzai (the god of guitar) + Jessel (the crazy Spanish + Jazz + Punk guitarist) + Kelvin style guitar concert together... and you guys are so good in guitar... i wish i can hear yours performance again... >_<

haha... next one is Tay... the pro economist... hopefully i can learn more real life economics from you... and if i failed to work for Air Asia, i will go find you and work for Public Bank... lol... jkjk... the paid damn high lehh.... i wonder... @_@

Sandra... haha... nice to see you... still remember we all go to AsiaNet in ss15 there play Dota until 3 or 4am something... lol... and we all put a "JC" in front of our nick... hey... i still wonder what "JC" means @_@ and of course... i wish you good luck and find a nice guy to take care your next stage of life... :p

Pauline and hers family... haha... although we seldom talk together... but really glad to visit your house and chit-chatting with your parents... =.=" lol... what a nice conversation that day...

Chi Yung and Saad... haha... we had a hard time in Metro there... thanks to accompany went through that Economics (Macro) 101... lol

Hugo... what a coincidence i always met you at bus stop there even though you are Taylor student... lol... we always talking here and there during waiting for that farking RapidKL bus... (although not rapid T_T ) hopes you can get your 623 everyday on time... lol

Boys and girls... I wish you all the best!! Take care too :)

Wooi Khiang

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Weird Dream(s)... huh?!

Haha... forgot to tell u guys... last Wednesday (28-3-07) i got a very weird dream...

The dream i had is Joi, Joe, RoNut, Lu Lu ( Liew Sin Lu) and me in Japan (weird huh?! )... we go to XXX XXX airport (the name i forgot already... it is in Ganji one and it's Tokyo International Airport, i think) to take 747-400 airplane to USA (Wahh... don't be surprised... It's my in my dream only... =.=" )

We moved into the airport and do those crappy stuff like check in, immigration stuff, etc... and i still remember 3 blue coated Japanese employees sent us a warm welcomes when we enter the waiting room in airport...

After that, we keep moving and go into the 747-400 via the "paip" (those large passenger tunnel from airport to airplane). I still remember i watch the airplane before i enter the "paip"... it is just a fine, normal 747-400 which can be found in any international airport... before we really enter the aircraft, lots of raw food in tray were prepared in front of the door and it blocks my way... Ah Joe tell me to beware myself... and i followed his step.

But the stunning part is, after i enter the aircraft, it's extra-ordinary huge... inside the airplane just looks like cinema theater... hmm... each role can accomodate more than 30 people, can you imagine?! during that dream, i still kinda blurr and surprised bout the size...

When i just get my seat, the airplane take off directly... i am shocked!! how come?? Why so fast one?? and just after few seconds, the airplane reached KLIA (huh?? not USA meh?? =.=" ) and it's a transit flight... we moved out from the plane and go to KL mamak stall... =.=""" i still remember i went to mobile books stall (a well modified lorry to sell books) i still thinking whether should buy magazine before the flight... haha

And at that moment, everything collapsed... my "dear" neighbour's kokoks started to wake me up... and everything ended with question marks... what a waste... i thought i can go to US one... although it's just a dream... haiz... god... u are so cruel towards me... T_T


Now, i still remember i got lots of weird dreams and it is so logical but unique happened to me every night... But the bad part is i cannot remember it all... haha XD

Oh god, can u gimme some exciting dream like nice girl hang-out with me or porno dream?? (i seldom have porno dream lehh... T_T) even it's just a dream only... lol

I am back!

Sorry... Long time din't back to my blog again... should update it but kinda lazy... lol XD

How was i this few months?? how can i say?? so far so good?? not really... General speaking, "Life is full of ups and downs", so do i too... haha...

Ok, Let me try to manage my memory well...

After being cheated by two tricky China Guy... (fark! i wish they two go to jail) Life still kinda boring at that time... Studying, Examing, etc... Nothing special happened in Metro and Sunway there...

Until one week before i leave KL, my Er Gu Zhang (father's elder sister's husband) and Er Gu brought me out for lunch... we talked a lots in the conversation... and at the end before i back to
my place in Sunway City, My Er Gu Zhang asked me what is my plan after graduate, i told him, i gonna find a job in KL... mostly in finance sector... After listened my plan, He said :"Hey, why don't you consider work for Air Asia? since i working in there too and it's easier to help u get a job in there too... "

Wow... Working for Air Asia?! What a big surprise for me... Since i was a child, i wished i can study and work for aerospace or airline company... i like aircraft very much!! (but the best part is i failed my physics during my secondary school time =.=" NO~~~ ) The offer to work for Air Asia is such a seductive offer to me... and i can't reject it... My Er Gu Zhang suggest me to hand in the resume at this end of April... Thanks, Er Gu Zhang!!

Hmm... so far, my resume (jobstreet one) nearly completed... now just lack of references... i prefer Dr. Huson, Sham, Ms. Nee, and Anita Johari as my references... But the bad news is Anita Johari no longer my course coordinator, and Ms. Nee did not teach me this semester... lol

At last Friday (30-3-2007), Dr.Huson agreed to be my reference... really thanks to him... :) Now just lack one more reference and i have to find Sham more in order to get hers approval... lol XD

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