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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Moving to SS2

Recently busy with house/room searching around Petaling Jaya area. As i got no link with AirAsia anymore, there is no point for me to stay in Nilai. Nilai, a small town located in a big jungle of N.Sembilan. Although I need to spend more than 2 hours per trip to go to Kuala Lumpur area and it's pretty tiring, however, I will missed Nilai days because this area is good and natural. I won't be worrying about the pollution.

Gotta pack my stuff again.

I will updated my blog after I had transferred my Screamyx (Original name called Streamyx, but due to it's notorious, slow, lousy service, we used to call it Scream-max/screamyx) internet line to my new place.

Take care everyone. :)


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Simple Text Emoticons

For MSN users, usage of emoticon is pretty common for us. We normally using a png or gif file which is small, normally below 500kb as emoticon.

However, we seldom try the pure text emoticons. I just found these accidentally and some of it really nice to express our facial expression in... text. (¬_¬")

(n_n) smile
(._.) uh.. oh
(-_-) sick, sleepy, tired
(;_;) tears
(T_T) cry, sad
(@_@) dizzy
(O_O) amazed
(*^*) astonished
(>_<) ouch
(^_^) happy
*(^O^)* happier
(^o^) glad
(¬_¬) mad
(¬_¬") pissed off
(X_X) dead
(=_=) boring
(*-*) i love it
(!__!) sad
(o_O) incredulous
(*O*) incredible
(-O-) pretentious
([o]) crying
\\(<.<|>.>)// Glancing around
([-]) crying
(p_q) confused
(o_o) seriously?
(;O;) crying bad
(_O_) duh
(.O.') confused
(-_-;) i messed it up
('_') serious
(?_?) what?
('O') singing
m(_ _)m sleeping on the desk, giving up
w(^o^)W wow
(/_\) melted, sad
(=^_^=) cat, kittie
(u_u) sad
(ú_ú) blue mood
(>x(*¬*) drooling
(ñ_ñ) fake smile
(Y_Y) infinite sadness
($_$) money talks
(ò_ó) mad
(♥_♥) in love
(xOx) noooooo
(>O<) yuck!
(-_o) wink
8(>_<)8 jealous
(ô_ô) what r u looking
(z_z) sleepy
(9_9) didn't sleep
(>>) look awry
(6.6) feint
(~o~) you're crazy
(^_^)/~~ bye
(ToT)/~~~ sad goodbye
(;_;)/~~~ goodbye (crying)
(^-^)V victory
p(^^)q good luck
(#_#) beaten up
\(^o\) (/o^)/ dancing
(n///n) shy
(o|o) surprised
(U_U) i'm sorry
(.-.) shocked
(>*-*>) hug
^(*-*)^ hands up
(^-^)b congratulations
\(*O*)/ fabulous, great
(^^)// cheering
((((((^_^;) escaping
((+_+)) uhmmmm
(^o^)y peace
(>.<) arrrrgh!
($v$) greedy
(-.-)zzzzz asleep
(~_^) wink
( )( O . O )( ) Monkey, dog, animal face
( L_____L ) ~zzz Sleeping
(^w^) Happy Neko
(>w<) Crazy Happy Neko
(OwO) Wow
(^;_;^) Cry happily
(ò_ô) what the!?!
(õ_ó) uhh...
(¬_¬) yeah right...

Source: www.anikaos.com

Why My Youtube Streaming Video Stop Running

Guys, I have no idea have you experienced it before. However, I was experiencing it before and it really pissed me off. (¬_¬")

I have no idea what's wrong with my streaming video recently and the moment when I opened the youtube, the video will only runs for 2 - 3 seconds then will stopped automatically. However, the media buffering is running fine on the video seek bar. So, what's wrong actually? (/_\)

After using trial and error method search, at the end, I found out the problem was caused by the Macromedia Flash Plugin and the solution are shown below.

Solution Here

Enjoy. \(*O*)/

Hatsune Miku Clock

Moe~ Moe~ Moe~
萌~ 萌~ 萌~

Hatsune Miku Clock widget is on air now...

Click on Miku & she will tell you the time. Pretty moe huh? :p

For the setup, pls kindly refer to the link below.

Hatsune Miku Clock

Enjoy :)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Download Goodies : "Yui - I loved Yesterday"

"When there is a will, there is a way."

I just simply proved this statement. Due to limited source in internet, It's pretty difficult to download or listen steaming music for Yui's songs. However at the end, I managed to find all the relevent albums and singles via hongfire.com.

Thanks god, now, just follow the link and download your own copy.

YUI Discography [megaupload] - Hongfire.com

So, what are you waiting for? Just go and download it now!

Enjoy :)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Get Addicted - Yui, I loved Yesterday

Yes, I get addicted with Yui since few years ago.

But due to my little sister broken my old hard disk, all my Yui collections had gone. :(

Recently, I accidentally found a link to download Yui's newest album called "I loved Yesterday" and the songs are superb!

I downloaded the whole album. Guys, please kindly download the album and it's so nice to listen. (By the way, I doubt that I ccannot paste the download link to here.)

I highly recommend about a song called "I Will Love You".

I found the video on youtube, however it's has been removed due to violate against Sony Music Copyright.

However, I had tried so hard to search for any streaming material for this song but I can only found this, cover by a young talented teenager.

The Lyric is at below in multiple languages.

yomi kakete toji ta
Close the book that I have been reading

あなたから 偶然の電話
anata kara guuzen no denwa
I received a call from you unexpectedly

tsure dashi te hoshii
Wanting you to take me out

思い切って l say今これから
omoi kitte I say ima korekara
Without thinking further I say Right after this

nee? mukae ni kite
Nee come and pick me up
呐 来接我吧

面倒くさそうに 笑いながらも
mendou kusasouni warai nagara mo
Even though you were smiling unenthusiastically
尽管觉得很麻烦 你也总是在笑著

juwaki no mukou de
On the other side of phone

答えてくれたね あなた
kotae te kureta ne anata
You answered. Didn't you?

honno sukoshi wakari aeta goro
When we started getting to know each other, even by just a bit

そんな喜び 感じている
sonna yorokobi kanji teiru
That kind of joy I'm feeling it

I will love you.

With T-shirt matching jeans

普段着のまま お洒落もしないで
fudangi no mama o share moshi naide
In my usual clothes Not even try to dress up

鏡の自分を 覗き込む
kagami no jibun wo nozoki komu
Looking at myself through the mirror
并没有刻意的打扮过 看著在镜里的自己

ごめんね 許してね
gomen ne yurushi te ne
I'm sorry, do forgive me
对不起喔 请原谅我

Car horn sounds

面倒くさそうに 笑いながらも
mendou kusasouni warai nagara mo
Even though you were smiling unenthusiastically
尽管觉得很麻烦 你也总是在笑著

車の窓から 手を振ってくれた あなた
kuruma no mado kara te wo futte kureta anata
From the car window You waved your hands toward me

honno sukoshi wakari aeta goro
When we started getting to know each other, even by just a bit

そんな喜び 感じている
sonna yorokobi kanji teiru
That kind of joy I'm feeling it

I will love you.

いつも恋が 走り出したら あたしは
itsumo koi ga hashiri dashi tara atashi ha
Every time love starts to take off

negateibu na yume ni kurushin deta no
I always suffer from all these negative dreams

sonna kimochi wo wasureru hodo
These feelings seem to go away

穏やかに 時間は流れる
odaya kani jikan ha nagareru
As the time quietly passes by

目があったら 真面目な顔で
me ga attara majime na kao de
When our eyes meet each other That serious look of yours
当四目相视的时候 你那张认真的脸

itsumo yori dokitto shitan dayo
Makes my heart to beat even faster than usual

Ah 気のせいかな?
Ah kino seikana?
Ah, was it my imagination?
Ah 是自己的错觉吗?

honno sukoshi wakari aeta goro
When we started getting to know each other, even by just a bit

sonnaanatawo kanji teiru
I'm feeling you

I will love you.

How's it? pretty awesome and meaningful right? there will be no charge for awesomeness and attractiveness (kungfu-panda style).

So for now, come, let's sing with me together. I can sing this song everyday, every night.

(p/s: 杨大哥,我还加了中文歌词,一起来听听吧! :) )

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Star Trek Online - MMORPG

Oh yes!

Star Trek online MMORPG (Massive Multiplayers Online Role-Playing Game) is coming to town soon. How soon it will be? I have no idea. As the official website haven't announce anything for it. But just stay tune and we can wait for a superb game. No worries! :)

The official website: www.startrekonline.com

By the way, I just surfed thru youtube for details, and there are plenty of videos there. I just picked the most stunning one and share it in my blog.

Please have a look.

Star Trek Online Official Preview Video:


So, are you ready for the next space war?

(p/s: I wish I can summon a group of players that are going to enjoy the game together!)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Current Desktop

Pretty boring just now and I was lazy to go for class. So I just skipped it and modified my computer and yes, finally it's successful.

I just wanna run away from the old, dumb windows look.


难以取舍, 乃是贪念的写照。



Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Pillows (Live RSR 2007)

Yay, it is my favourite band live in Japan 2007.

The following song is Funny Bunny from FLCL. enjoy :)

Awesome right? people seems very high and I wish I can join the party in the coming future too. Now is just lack of $$$. T_T

Nice Hybrid Rainbow Cover - Bump of Chicken

Cover version by Bump of Chicken

The following is the original version from The Pillows

Don't understand it? Let me show ya the Japanese lyrics, followed by Romaji with English lyrics,

hotondo shizunderu mitai na mujintou
A deserted island which seems to have mostly sunk

chikyuugi ni nottenai namae mo nai
Not found on any globe, not even named

kinou wa chikaku made kibou no fune ga kita kedo
Yesterday the ship we hoped for came close but

bokura wo mukae ni kitan ja nai
It didn't even come to meet us

taiyou ni mitorete sukoshi kogeta
We got a little scorched staring longingly into the sun

PURIZUMU wo hasande te wo futta kedo
Holding a prism up, I waved my hand but

Can you feel?
Can you feel that hybrid rainbow?
kinou made erabarenakatta bokura demo
Even we, who weren't chosen up till yesterday

ashita wo matteru
Are waiting for tomorrow

hotondo shibonderu bokura no hikousen
Our mostly deflated zeppelin is

jimen wo suresure ni ukanderu
Skimming just barely over the ground

yobikata mo tomadou iro no sugata
The look of the colors which defy description

toritachi ni yousha naku tsutsukareru darou
Will probably be mercilessly pecked at by the birds

Can you feel?
Can you feel that hybrid rainbow?
kitto mada
Surely not yet

genkai nante konna mon ja nai
The limit can't be like this at all

konnan ja nai
Not like this at all

Can you feel?
Can you feel that hybrid rainbow?

koko wa tochuu nanda tte shinjitai
I wanna believe that here is only partway through

I can feel.
I can feel that hybrid rainbow.

kinou made erabarenakatta bokura demo
Even we, who weren't chosen up till yesterday

ashita wo motteru
Are holding onto tomorrow


Enjoy :)

(p/s: When I was down, I used to listen this song continuously)

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Civilization Anonymous

Civilization Anonymous

Ultra funny right? But if your are the real victim like me, then you can't laugh out loudly.

This recall my days. I was lose control for food, toilet and even phone call. This game should get banned. It drives people crazy and uncontrollable. I can hide in my room and playing montezuma for whole day without food or talking to somebody. Now rethink back my life was in chaos.

And yes, up to today, I am still a civilization junkie. EVERYONE BECOME A CONFUCIANIST OR FALL TO MY COSSACK. wakaka

Missing You, My dear Vader

Japanese Policemen versus incredible Dath Vader

That' ultra ROFL situation. =.=|'

Never ever try to play golf with Dath Vader

If not, he will screw you.

Lego Vader

His influence power to toy industry...

Please silent your phone in conference, meeting or in a cinema or Vader will pawned you.

People strongly suggested that this ads should put in every cinema in towns

You have failed the mission

Next time better recharge your light sabre battery before you go for another mission.

Dath Vader meet Heidi Klum!

Heidi Klum is so hot!

& Lastly, Darth Vader for President '08

Will you vote for him? :)


Star Trek vs Star War?!

And yes, due to I was surfing around in youtube.com, I found something very hilarious.

Hilarious right? this make me ROFL.

Brilliant people cut some scenes from both star war and star trek and combined it perfectly. It's pretty awesome as they managed to control the sound or even overlapped the background music with Dath Vader theme without spoiling the original speech.

Need more to kill time? There are a lot of funny Star Trek vs Star War funny videos and you can always visit youtube to have a look.

At the end, I am still missing Dath Vader. But sadly to say, That's all for the six episodes of Star War and there will be no more new episode for him. T_T

Dath Vader Rules~~

Brand New Star Trek!

Today, I was surfing around just like normal day and accidentally found Star Trek the movie official trailer in youtube.com.

This is the trailer

Oh my god, they rebuilt those old stuff to new, cool, and pure awesomeness of brand new Star Trek movie! glad to see that.

All these scenes just recall my secondary school old days while I was Interstella Consortium (ISC) fleet commander controlling XCA (Advanced Cruiser), XCB (Advanced Bombardment Cruiser), & XCF (Advanced Fast Cruiser) raiding people's convoy, or even assaulting enemy star-base. With my plasmatic pulsar device (ISC-PPD), none of them can stand in my way.

(By the way, due to the awesomeness of x-class star ship, I used one of the ship code XDG, Advanced Destroyer as my email and the account still with me. )

I cannot describe how exciting I am after watching the movie trailer. May 2009, definetely I will wait for you.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Creativity Rocks!

Dogs food advertisement

Doggie smelling ability is far more better than any human. And the marketer put some dog's food smell with the advertisement too. That's why it can easily attract any doggie and the owner have no choice but to pay for their delicious food.

Pretty clever, as the marketer implemented the newest marketing tool, smell. It is the most powerful marketing tool as the smell can attract people from far away or even he do not pay any attention on it. Good job!

Newspaper issued out free bed sheet for their customer

I got nothing much to say, just "I want it too!"

In fact, kinda tricky as they knows men can't resist beautiful girls and thus we will sleep with your brand icon everyday, every night.

Coffee shop advertisement in New York

Just staring at the advertisement, even myself got some kind of weird feeling gonna get a cup of hot coffee now. Some kind of mental control?

Gym Centre Advertisement

I was speechless when I found this advertisement. Just one word, speechless.

Safety Glass Advertisement

The advertisement stated that for anyone who can broke the glass, he/she is allowed to take away all the cash. It should be pretty easy to get the god damn cash but the cash still remains on the street. Seems everyone is rich enough? O_o

Jobs Portal Advertisement

Another speechless advertisement. It hurts when I watching it because getting the right job is so difficult nowadays as I found out specialization is much more deadly as you cannot see the big picture of the whole industry and it's pretty slow for people to grow. :(

So far what I know is, creativity is the only things that makes marketing people survive. The Forbes can almost predict any business trend for the next 5 to 10 years accurately and just few industry they cannot predict at all. Creativity business is one of the category that nobody can predict the trend, market size, and profitability. So, it can be anything. :)

What are they doing?

Refer to the picture below, and guess what they are doing in the pictures

No idea what's they are doing right? seems like big companies having promotion and sending out free goodies right?

In fact, it's a job fair in Nan Jing, China.

(Refer to: http://luqiao.zjol.com.cn/newscenter/china/120081122/1071536.shtml)

I just received this link sent by my friend regarding about jobs fair in China, oh my god, you cannot imagine the crowd

Can you imagine the crowd?

We always complaining about our job and thinking to join another company which provides higher pay and lesser tasks. However, if we put ourself in the situation in China, Then better to rethink the statement again. People are fighting for a position there and now you keep on complaining about your stupid job? Get a life man, nothing is perfect, so do our job.

Sometimes we need to be glad to remain in a peaceful situation and do appreciate it.

I am in love...... with Paul Desmond

I think I am in love.

Really! I am in love with Paul Desmond, a famous saxophone player at 70's. No idea how powerful he was? click the youtube window below. The song is the waltz "Emily" by Johnny Mandell performed at the Monterey Jazz festival in 1975.

Nice? This is just tip of iceberg. I have tried so hard to search for one of my favourite song by him.

Unfortunately, I failed due to the song is just too old.

But thanks god, I have a copy and I just upload it to Muzicon.

Here you go,


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Zhi Ling Jie Jie, Bring it on!



Big sister Zhi Ling, glad to see you diversified into movie industry. Although it's just a director of a music video, but it's a good start!

Keep it moving. :)

Living Cost in Japan

People always talking about living cost in Japan is the most expensive among the whole world, but we only know, "oh, it's expensive". But if you probe me another question, "how expensive it will be?", surely to say, I have no idea at all.

Today, I just simply surfing and accidentally found a web called sakura-house.com. It's a user friendly website that helping people to get a room in Japan especially Tokyo area.

The link shown as below,


Still do not have any idea about the living cost there?

Here you go. (Sorry, it's in Mandarin but they do have a lot of languages to choose too)

Look at the monthly rental rate (月租金), 134,000日元, 125,000 ~ 155,000日元, 70,000-80,000日元, etc. Still cannot feel the pain? let me do a simple calculation, we take the cheapest rate, 70,000yen divide by our conversion rate 27 and it will equal to RM2592.59!

WHAT?? ARE YOU REFERRING THAT THIS IS YEARLY RENTAL RATE? nope, this is the monthly rental rate of ONE ROOM in Tokyo area.

I wish one day I have a 3 months life experience in Tokyo, but after knowing this kind of insane rate, it pissed me off. :(

There is only one solution, earn more money... :)

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Jay Chow New Music Video

Ultra funny and lovely too!

And suddenly I think about bighead who always likes playing Dota while singing songs. I wonder how's he doing now.

Why are you making me cry?

I accidentally found these comics from forum, and it's so sad.

Actually, I saw some of the stories from newspaper or T.V. too. And I still remember people crying or howling our loud. Especially for the guy in "I must be strong", or named Chen Jian, all the rescue team members cried because they spent 70 hours with Chen and Chen never give up about the survival. But at the very last minute, Chen passed away because of serious injury.

Besides that, same goes to "Just One More", The PLA actually were 3 men and they cried in front of everyone, screaming that they could go for one more and the others stopped them because they gonna evacuate from that area due to minor earthquake waves. One of the PLA said:"I can heard there were a lot of kids crying under the concrete and they were still alive!". From the T.V. The whole PLA sub-team cried because of this.

Sick bastards, why are you making me cry now... T_T

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Diablo III Imba Wizard Preview

As you can see. The spells are so damn cool!! & did you guys realized something? The characters for Diablo 3 can be customized. So, it will be great if i can create my own ideal hero!! It can be a mucho guy with huge axe or a hot assassin with curvy body! haha

But i wonder when will it released. And is it single player game or something similar like World of Warcraft™. If Diablo III need to pay in order to enjoy. Bah, i will just simply pay for it blindly. How about you guys?

I need a Camera

Gosh... I need a camera. No matter what.

Last Saturday i went to class with George. After we finished the class, we passed through Bukit bintang there and saw a lot of Malay kids fooling around (those "La-La" type). It seems like some kind of gathering for them and i wondered what kind of was that.

After had a dinner with George and his friends in Pavilion, I went back alone again and saw those Malay kids still gathered there. At the end i found out what's going. In fact, it was Maxis event with dancing competition. That's why a lot of them gathered there and were trying to give their best shot and win the prize.

At the another corner, i found out there was crowd. So I tried to join the crowd and figure out what's going on there. It shows below:

Guess what? It was a traveler's band having life concert there! They were playing bossa nova type of song, and it's nice. They were fully equipped with guitar, mic, drum, amplifier, flute, etc. Mean while, they put some self-burnt CD and a hat in front of them.

From their skin color, i predict they are from either Japan or Korea. I really admire they have the guts to travel and do things in their own way.

What? The picture is not clear? Oh sorry, my bad. Because i was using my damn lousy Sony Ericsson T610i, 2.0 megapixel camera phone to take the photo. Of course it's sucks. T_T

That's why i wanna get a new camera! to take the snap shot for every little moment.

So guys, do you have any nice, cheap camera with good condition to introduce me? I don't mind it's a 2nd hand camera.

Here are some snapshots with my silly camera.

I know it's not clear, stop complaining about it. T_T

Monday, October 27, 2008

Life in KL Part 2 - Life in OCBC

So, on 27th August, i went to OCBC e2 Power main building located in Cyberjaya and reported for duty. the life in there was quite good. I met a lot of people in there and everyone is friendly and funny to each other. This is because all of us are mainly fresh grads from different universities in Malaysia. The age quite close too!.

What is e2 Power? in fact, OCBC is a Singapore bank and in order to take control of Malaysian citizens' accounts, they have to set up a new company registered under BNM's control. That's why e2 Power is here and in fact, the difference is just the name.

My batch in OCBC was C13 which will in charge of Singaporeans credit cards enquiries. Total up, my team had 21 new staffs and we had gone thru a 2 months intensive training program.

OK, now is the time to intro you some people.

Ivan Chong, our class monitor who acts like our old brother. The funny part for him is he has a very strong Cantonese ascent until his mandarin also sounds like speaking in Cantonese. He's a tough guy, because he got a lot of commitment while have to save money for his wedding which expected to be happened in 2009! haha

Irene Lee Mei Fei, our big sister. Always talking about hers boyfriend and keep on thinking about hers very own wedding. I wonder what's wrong with her now. Latest update is she said she wanna go working in Cambodia due to hers boyfriend is working in there too.

Natalie Lai Hui Sin, my brother. Due to she wear hip-hop hat for casual day, i always greet her with "yo bro, what's up?" (The African-style). Natalie and I were the evil heads to demoralize the others by quitting from contact center. and at the end, she found job in Port Dickson.

Puru a/K Shotman, my lunch mate. We all always complaining about the government while eating. Last time when i just joined OCBC, he found out i had no confident for my English conversation. He is the first one who encourage to speak more regardless of my grammar. Thanks, Puru.

Rubini, our math genius. I seldom heard people major in pure maths and she is the one majored in it from UMS. One year before, she told me that she want to resign from OCBC but up to today, she still working for them. sounds funny.

Fad Lina, my carpool kakak. A very friendly and kind girl who always think about the others. And i did follow her's car for work (But at the end had stopped due to hers boyfriend's not feeling well about it. lol).

Rina, the "puteri pendek" (Short Princess). A very nice & sweet looking girl and very dare to speak out hers mind. I still remember the fight between her and Sonia, it's kinda scary. haha

Ilma, another girl from East Malaysia! She is from Sarawak Kuching and good in cosmetic stuff. She looks kinda quiet but in fact kinda talkative too. :p

Alex Fong, the bio-tech half-Japanese guy. Sadly to say, he resigned from OCBC during training time due to having some serious problem in family. We all understand his scenario and wish him all the best. Currently, i am the one keep in touch with him and he is doing fine for his family business.

Jason Mucho, our mucho chef who worked in Digi call center before. Heard that he is working in one of the restaurant located in Sunway Pyramid. I wonder how's he doing now. (To be honest, i always think about him when i saw The Yellowman, Digi's mascot. Is it weird?)

Need some pictures?

Here you go.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wonderful Dream - Ling Zhi Ling

As i mentioned, i always dreaming and i think one of my weird but memorable dream just happened.

Ok, here we go.

(In my dream... )

It's just a sunny day, and i was walking alone in the street of downtown.

I was waiting for bus to go ABC Town (i forgot already =.=" ) and the person i was going to meet was Lxng Zhx Lxng [F(x)=i] (no need to explain). We seems like old friend already and sat down in a mamak stall drinking while chatting happily.

Then suddenly she invited me to go for hot spring with hers friends.

We went to Hot Spring.

We changed our cloths and went into a square small private hot spring room. Lxng covered by white bath tower only (Nose bleeding now... lol)! There were a lot of people and among them, there were one mucho handsome guy sitting there too.

Mucho guys very handsome and keep on smiling at Lxng. and after a while, they chit chat to each other (I forgot what was i doing that time, and the dream kinda weird)

then after the hotspring, i went out and changed back my cloths. The moment i left the hotspring, there was an old, friendly auntie said:"your girl looks sweet and you really match with her.". What a statement, it makes me feel so embarrass as i am innocent with her. But in fact, it feels great (WOW, i can't believe... the feeling is so sweet! What a weird dream).

And the next day, i saw my picture was in magazines and stated with big title, "LXNG secret lover?" What the...

Mixed of feelings in the dream and i wake up...

Oh damn...

Sounds weird right?

OK, now is bonus part. here come Lxng's photos!

Here go another one,

Enjoy :p

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Life in KL Part 1 - Why and how I go to KL?

Aiks... Since i am in the cyber doing nothing now. I should type something in stead of starring the computer do nothing. The time now is 11.43pm, 25/03/08.

Ok, after i graduated from Curtin University, i had such a long holiday in KK. everyday hanged out with buddy for drinks and of course, the best part, cybercafe for DOTA(Defense of the Ancient, a famous Warcraft3™ use map setting mini game) and bullying people.. honestly, we hardly to failed in dota if we are having full squad. (Dark Assassin, Vaga, Camus, George, Ronald, Eric, and noobie me :p )

So roughly after one month which i graduated, my father scolded me... "why hang in there for such a long time do nothing? BE PRODUCTIVE!" I was stunned, i thought i can have some great times in KK before i get a job and have a deadly, lifeless yearssss, yes, yearssss of working. So, i compiled my resume and deposited it to jobstreet.com. Besides that, i just spammed all i can in jobstreet by applied a lot of position regardless of considerations.

I still remembered that time was Beginning of August, after 3 days, i got a call from CIMB. Cimb requested me for a telephone interview and i did badly. I can't even talked properly via the phone due to i am totally unprepared. During the interview, the called asked me whether can work in 24 hours shifts, and must possessed own transport. Of course, it's impossible for me as i was stucked with my driving license (it was my mistake, my license get expired and i was not aware about it). So, the conversation ended up regretful. lol

And after this, i received calls and emails regarding about job's interview and all job offerings were based in Kuala Lumpur. So, after i discussed with my parents, i booked ticket from BKI --> KUL and stayed in my friend, Lausai's house in Seri Kembangan. He taught me about the KL public transport system and managed to attend interviews.

My first face to face interview was with the Hong Leong Bank as Credit Control Officer. Sounds cool right? but in fact, this position aint that cool because it's just a debt collector position. The interview was pretty scary for me as i have to fill in a form, and answer a set of questions includes Mathematics, English & Logic. Then afterward i have to write a comprehension. I forgot what's the topic already. It's exactly examination in our school day. Afterward, is the interview with two Hong Leong staffs one was from HR dept and another one was from credit control dept. They warmed me, and afterward just asked me to introduce myself. Then the interviewer drop a question to me, "Teoh, how can you collect the fund from our customers? if possible, can you do short simulation with us?". "Oh god, what the hell is this?" this was what in my mind. I had no idea what to do that time. So i just tried my instinct to answer. And in fact, the interview ended up terribly. I did not expect them to offer me anything.

Although the interview with Hong Leong was a painful experience, but i have learned from there. and eventually, i get used to the interview environment and getting better with it. So, i went through some marketing, banking, insurance firms' interviews.

One thing i have to highlight, I went to Jobstreet interview for OCBC customer service interview. And it's kinda stressful as they are many exams during the interview, including typing test, conversation test, and finally, a proper interview with jobstreet agent.

I thought that's all for OCBC interview, who knows afterward, the jobstreet agent called me and asked me to go for OCBC main HQ for 2nd interview. (You must said, WOW, big company really do things differently. Even interview also need to move on for so many stages... ) I managed to go for the interview and it's simple and easy. 3 days after, i got a call from Angie Koh, OCBC HR dept, told me that i get the offer.

Funny part is here, the moment i agreed regarding about the job offer from OCBC, Hong Leong HR called me the next day and told me that i get the credit controller position. I laughed and said that i just confirmed with OCBC. The HR girl said it's not fair to them because they were the first interviewer

and i replied :"then why your department hold my application for such a long duration, it's almost 2 weeks and it's impossible for me to wait for 2 weeks just for one offer!"

So, on 27th Aug 2007, my status had changed from unemployed to office boy with e2 Power™ sdn bhd, OCBC bank. I spent 2 weeks for all the interviews until i found one. it's OCBC customer service officer. I choose OCBC was because i get brainwashed by my parents. A foreign bank with good reputation and some more they offer high paid.

Long story huh? :(

Increment can only happened in my Dream~~

Damn!! i am pissed off now..

Today they bring me go to the room of secret and reviewing my performance for past three months. So far they said everything is ok. The only thing i not that good is i am not so organized. Yeah, i agreed with that too. Because normally i set up all the things in my mind without writing it down. So, there will be a tendency that i forgot something. OK fine, i can remember everything. However, if there are some emergency enquiries to settle down, then i will messed up a lot of things. haha.. i am trying to get use and overcome to it.

Ok, the best part is, when i talk about the increment, u know what they said? they said, for the finance department, there will be no increment after the probation? Pardon? yeah, no increment after probation!! What the Fuck?! are u sure? every companies are giving the increment to their staff after the confirmation but your company give us shit? Fuck up! i am so damn mad that time. It doesn't sounds logical at all. And they said i am lucky. I am lucky because i am not in the AP team in stead of the AR. AP team is the worst team ever in the finance dept. AR team luckily got caring, helpful & cheerful people and somemore they are willing to teach me. OK. i really appreciate that. However, the confirmation without increment is so damn wrong man.

At the end, they got ask me will i stay or not? I said yes (with no confident) and in fact, i am thinking somewhere else..

So, i am pissed off now. shit

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Long time no see! FUYO~~

Haha, Long time did not update my blog. hmm... anything happened? Of course yes. A lot of things happened in here. and i just too lazy to update it. AT the end i realized i should do something on it in stead of my memory will fade out one day. So, i am back!

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