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Monday, October 27, 2008

Life in KL Part 2 - Life in OCBC

So, on 27th August, i went to OCBC e2 Power main building located in Cyberjaya and reported for duty. the life in there was quite good. I met a lot of people in there and everyone is friendly and funny to each other. This is because all of us are mainly fresh grads from different universities in Malaysia. The age quite close too!.

What is e2 Power? in fact, OCBC is a Singapore bank and in order to take control of Malaysian citizens' accounts, they have to set up a new company registered under BNM's control. That's why e2 Power is here and in fact, the difference is just the name.

My batch in OCBC was C13 which will in charge of Singaporeans credit cards enquiries. Total up, my team had 21 new staffs and we had gone thru a 2 months intensive training program.

OK, now is the time to intro you some people.

Ivan Chong, our class monitor who acts like our old brother. The funny part for him is he has a very strong Cantonese ascent until his mandarin also sounds like speaking in Cantonese. He's a tough guy, because he got a lot of commitment while have to save money for his wedding which expected to be happened in 2009! haha

Irene Lee Mei Fei, our big sister. Always talking about hers boyfriend and keep on thinking about hers very own wedding. I wonder what's wrong with her now. Latest update is she said she wanna go working in Cambodia due to hers boyfriend is working in there too.

Natalie Lai Hui Sin, my brother. Due to she wear hip-hop hat for casual day, i always greet her with "yo bro, what's up?" (The African-style). Natalie and I were the evil heads to demoralize the others by quitting from contact center. and at the end, she found job in Port Dickson.

Puru a/K Shotman, my lunch mate. We all always complaining about the government while eating. Last time when i just joined OCBC, he found out i had no confident for my English conversation. He is the first one who encourage to speak more regardless of my grammar. Thanks, Puru.

Rubini, our math genius. I seldom heard people major in pure maths and she is the one majored in it from UMS. One year before, she told me that she want to resign from OCBC but up to today, she still working for them. sounds funny.

Fad Lina, my carpool kakak. A very friendly and kind girl who always think about the others. And i did follow her's car for work (But at the end had stopped due to hers boyfriend's not feeling well about it. lol).

Rina, the "puteri pendek" (Short Princess). A very nice & sweet looking girl and very dare to speak out hers mind. I still remember the fight between her and Sonia, it's kinda scary. haha

Ilma, another girl from East Malaysia! She is from Sarawak Kuching and good in cosmetic stuff. She looks kinda quiet but in fact kinda talkative too. :p

Alex Fong, the bio-tech half-Japanese guy. Sadly to say, he resigned from OCBC during training time due to having some serious problem in family. We all understand his scenario and wish him all the best. Currently, i am the one keep in touch with him and he is doing fine for his family business.

Jason Mucho, our mucho chef who worked in Digi call center before. Heard that he is working in one of the restaurant located in Sunway Pyramid. I wonder how's he doing now. (To be honest, i always think about him when i saw The Yellowman, Digi's mascot. Is it weird?)

Need some pictures?

Here you go.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wonderful Dream - Ling Zhi Ling

As i mentioned, i always dreaming and i think one of my weird but memorable dream just happened.

Ok, here we go.

(In my dream... )

It's just a sunny day, and i was walking alone in the street of downtown.

I was waiting for bus to go ABC Town (i forgot already =.=" ) and the person i was going to meet was Lxng Zhx Lxng [F(x)=i] (no need to explain). We seems like old friend already and sat down in a mamak stall drinking while chatting happily.

Then suddenly she invited me to go for hot spring with hers friends.

We went to Hot Spring.

We changed our cloths and went into a square small private hot spring room. Lxng covered by white bath tower only (Nose bleeding now... lol)! There were a lot of people and among them, there were one mucho handsome guy sitting there too.

Mucho guys very handsome and keep on smiling at Lxng. and after a while, they chit chat to each other (I forgot what was i doing that time, and the dream kinda weird)

then after the hotspring, i went out and changed back my cloths. The moment i left the hotspring, there was an old, friendly auntie said:"your girl looks sweet and you really match with her.". What a statement, it makes me feel so embarrass as i am innocent with her. But in fact, it feels great (WOW, i can't believe... the feeling is so sweet! What a weird dream).

And the next day, i saw my picture was in magazines and stated with big title, "LXNG secret lover?" What the...

Mixed of feelings in the dream and i wake up...

Oh damn...

Sounds weird right?

OK, now is bonus part. here come Lxng's photos!

Here go another one,

Enjoy :p

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