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Friday, February 05, 2010


What's this~~

Yes, it's Ipad!! It's so thin! not sure will it be easily broken..

Yeah, I can wait no longer to try it from Mac shop!

But it must be very costly... Not sure the retail selling price in my place...

Monday, February 01, 2010

Why P1 Wimax?

Why P1 Wimax?

They sucks.

Now they keep on asking people potong, but they did not tell them the consequence of potong.

After you potong, you will enjoyed the most unstable, most slowest wireless broadband.

& of course, best support from their site too!

I have called thousand times to their customer service since November and they keeps on saying that my download exceed the limit that's why the bandwidth get capped by server.

So I just wanna know what's my usage. And guess what? 28th November was the reset date for the limit and according from their customer service fella, 29th November night my download was about 12GB already!! I straight away shouted at that fella and said: "Hello, do u think this one make sense? Do you think your line can let me download such a huge volume with your lousy speed?"

He stoned.

And I continued: "No matter what, If my account get capped, it doesn't means that I cannot even login to google.com right?"

He stoned again.

Then he continuing bull-shitting and asked me to do ping test for google.com. After the testing, he came out with such a conclusion. "Dear Mr.Teoh, I believe google server down." What?!?!? this was the best part man. I shouted at him again and asked him whether his statement make sense or not as in Malaysia anything can down one but definitely not the google server!

He get stoned and quiet again.

At the end, their customer service staff promised to give me call back thousand of times. But yet I received none follow-up call from their site & now, I am still waiting for their bloody follow-up call. What a service!

And the best part is, now they are asking me to pay for the January & February Bills, HELL NO!! (Unless they solved my problems.)

Dear all who are concerning about P1 service, Pls kindly inform your friends and family to avoid P1 Wimax.

I don't wanna see people screaming again, or maybe Malaysia Broadband is dead. A country that hardly improved.

Maybe you will say:

This is madness!!


This is P1 Wimax!!

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