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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Best Free Style Dancing

Accidentally found some funny videos from Youtube and post it in here to share.

The Best Free Style Dancing in Japan


So how's it?

Do anyone have any idea about this entertainment show?

I wanna watch it more! :D

Here go another funny thingy

Funny Japanese Milk Advertisement


Weird but funny advertisement. lol

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Angkor Wat, Here I come~

Before I resigned from my previous company, I fully utilised my staff benefit, my staff ticket and booked it for Angkor Wat from 16/01/09 to 18/01/09. But due to I am just too poor and some more not sure about my leave application in my current company, I have choice but thinking to forfeit this weekend trip. :(

However, something happened. My boss said I can always apply leave as long as it's under procedures and I finished urgent thingies in the company. So, I think i am able to go for this trip and straight away called the hotel, Potted Palm Golden Inn for room reservation. Haha

The location at the left side of Siem-Reap old market.

(Click for original view)

Yeah,I can't imagine how's Angkor Wat will looks like with my bare eyes.

(Saddest part is, I become poorer again... Have to eat bread for all day long then...)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Oh my God... I want to get it!!

Oh my god, recently visit Meronpan's blog and found new Goodsmile's saber figure.

Look at the armor, it's so real! & the pose is just perfect! nothing eroge and looks extremely cool!

More info can be found in Goodsmile's Saber Figure.

Really planning to get one. But just running out of money. :(

Poor, really poor now, both physically and mentally.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Daddy, 501st Trooper is cool!

Due to DannyChoo, I have learnt the power of darkside.

Just kidding, Danny Choo revealed to me that there are a group of crazy Star War Fans wearing Troopers suit and doing something crazy.

I thought they are just band of crazy people until I accidentally found this youtube link,

(I personally love the song at the ending part)

Welcome to meet the 501st Legion, a worldwide crazy Star Wars Fans Club.

Surprisingly, I thought they just having some kind of cosplay activities in public area. However, the youtube link proved that I was wrong. In fact, they do community works too! (but in their costume)

They are serving the community like a real soldier & oh dad, they are cool!

I wanna join the forces now!

(But what should I do?)

First thing first, I need a Star War costume too. But where can I get it? :(

I simply search through the internet for the costume price. Oh my god. It's so expensive.

A cheap trooper Costume looks like this:

& the cost is about $69.95

Here you go, a better trooper costume looks like this:

and the cost is about $739.95

What?! $740?! Oh my god. It is just too expensive for me. It's just too over for me unless I only consumed bread as my meal for half year (IT CANNOT BE!).

Donation pls... T_T

I am wondering is there any cheaper but looks better Star War costume to get?


Is there any crazy friend wanna join the 501st Legion too?

Solution for Piclooks.com??

Hi Guys, after trial and error, I found out the solution and it is pretty easy. Just simple change your MSN password will do.

Dunno how to change your password?

No worries, just follow my step.

Go to MSN Member Services Site and simply click on the "change password" option at the left panel bar. Once confirmed, then try to login your Windows Live Messenger and see whether the virus still exist.

I not sure whether this is the best solution. However guys, Please do updates me if there is any updates or better solution to get rid of the scam.

Thank you & have a nice day. :D

MSN again, now, it's virus from piclooks (NEVER EVER OPEN PICLOOKS)

Yes, it's MSN again.

Early morning I received an offline message from my uncle. It's something like this:

"Hey, how are you young man?"



So I thought nothing special because I opened my MSN overnight while I was sleeping.

After I saw this message. He was offline. So I thought he opened a blog and trying to promote his blog. I just simply clicked on the link.

The webpage required me to sign in my Windows Live ID. So I just simply filled it in.

And then, nothing happened. I realized something wrong already and I just simply forget about it.

After awhile, my friends telling me that i keep on sending out virus to their PC via MSN. OH MH GOD... WHAT THE... and now, I know i made a very silly mistake and causing the others in troubles.

I am very regret about it and I cannot contact my uncle. I wonder what's wrong with him now.

The following is the printscreen of the page. Beware!

Dare to have a look? you can go to the link however PLS DON'T EVER FILLED IN ANYTHING!

Please kindly warn your friends and family regarding about this god damn virus.

Thank you.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Marketing Strategy: Hot Girls in Red Alert 3

Recently I just installed Red Alert 3 to my computer.

The gameplay is smooth and great. But a little bit laggy for me as my computer don't really support the graphic and i have no money to upgrade my precious babe.

The Soviet still stick with their Tesla technology + Kirov airship + terror drone + Apocalypse tank.

The Alliance still focus more on their air force and i think their sea force is relatively weaker than the others.

Now, they added in another new race called "The Empire of the Rising Sun". This race is superior in water. However, they are quite problematic in their air defense. The land force also ain't that strong. But don't worry about this because most of their units are highly versatile. Either can change to anti-air or anti land & it's pretty useful in many different scenarios.

My friend told me that Rocket angle is the best. However, i found out the Empire's Shogun Battleship is the most imbalance unit. Their extremely devastating damage +extremely long range + rapid fire ability making them unmatched in the sea battle or any coastal bombardment.

One thing i need to highlight this time is, sea war. This time, Red Alert 3 seems emphasizing more on the sea war which i feel pretty cool. As you can check for almost every skirmish map contains rivers or sea. Strong naval armies is a not an optional objective anymore. :D

OK, now back to the main topic.

Due to following Red Alert 2's path, they still continuing using celebrities as their gameplay characters as well as in the movie in stead of using fake 3d characters in their movie. I think this is pretty cool.

For this Red Alert 3, I found out this used more hot female celebrities to represent their gameplay characters and generals.

& some of them really looks adorable. :D

So my perversity drive me to check for the details of these hot girls, and thanks to google again, it is so simple to get their details.

The following video is the summary of those hot girls.

So, here are their real identity:

Special Agent Tanya: Played by Jenny McCarthy
Intelligence Officer Dasha Fedorovich: Played by Ivana Miličević
Commander Zhana Agonskaya: Played by Vanessa Branch
Commander Lisette Hanley: Played by Autumn Reeser
Natasha Volkova: Played by mixed martial arts fighter Gina Carano
Intelligence Officer Suki Toyama: Japanese officer: Played by Kelly Hu
Lieutenant Eva McKenna: Played by Gemma Atkinson

For Natasha, I don't think Gina is suitable as their gameplay character actually is a long hair Blonde however Gina has brown short hair which her image seems not that suitable with the gameplay Natasha. How about Jessica Simpson? :D


For me, I love the Alliance Commander Lisette Hanley, she looks cute and her voice is pretty sweet. I think I will fall in love with her. Her real identity is Autumn Reeser, an American actress.

Another WOW picture.


It's controversy that Red Alert 3 started to using those hot girls as their marketing tools to grab more perverts (like me) playing their game. The community saying that EA knows they cannot beat Blizzard's best selling strategy games: Starcraft & Warcraft. So, they evolved by implementing more hot celebrities as their marketing tools support. Some of the people claiming that EA is pathetic while the others saying that EA should focus more on its game developing.

For me, I found this research pretty interesting and I am ok with the hot girls. Why those people want to make their life miserable. It will be better if you can playing games while enjoying your vision with hot girls. Don't you agreed? :D

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Why I Cannot Login to My Windows Live Messenger

I just reinstalled my Windows Xp from SP2 to SP3. And still like before, my windows live messenger is down even though i am connected to network

I search through the internet, and thanks to google, I found several solutions which sounds pretty easy to do.

After trial and error, I found out the solutions which are workable for me. So I just wanna share it up.

Here we go.

start --> run --> (then paste the items below, one by one)

REGSVR32 softpub.dll

REGSVR32 wintrust.dll

REGSVR32 initpki.dll

REGSVR32 Rsaenh.dll

REGSVR32 Mssip32.dll

REGSVR32 Cryptdlg.dll

REGSVR32 Dssenh.dll

REGSVR32 Gpkcsp.dll

REGSVR32 Slbcsp.dll

REGSVR32 Sccbase.dll

After you registered all the .dll file, it should be ok for you to login. However, your login duration might not be long.

But, I found another way, you can try it too, at least one more time. It works for me in Windows XP SP3.

- Click on Start/
then select run/
then type the following.

Cmd.exe then press Enter key.

then type, Netsh Winsock Reset

You will receive the following message.

Sucessfully reset the Winsock Catalog.

You Must restart the machine in order to complete the reset.

I mean, seriously, Windows Live Messenger team know the problem and they do even giving solution to the public via email. However, since so many versions of Live Messenger have been released, why i cannot see any improvement on this issue?

I am wondering now...

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Soul Eater 39

Recently feel very empty in my mind as Soul Eater 39 was not released at last week. (31/12/08) :(

The mechanism behind that driving me keep on updating my soul eater collection is pretty simple, "Addiction".

Started from March, I accidentally get the first and second episodes of Anime: Soul Eater. And after watching it, straight away get addicted by the art style of the anime.

It's cool... Refer to the link below:

Soul Eater Official Website

Now is goodies time,

one cool wallpaper for Soul Eater!

I grabbed the wallpaper from AnimePaper.

(By the way, i have collected 38 episodes already and it cost me a total storage of 4gb... =_=" If you want a copy pls tell me, I will burnt it for ya!)

Missing Dumpling

Today i surfed through one mandarin forum and found this pic.

Missing Dumpling

The translation is something like,

"I heard this story from my gangster buddy..."

"Rumor claimed that there is a secret shop selling steam dumpling made by human flesh..."

"A stubborn man don't believe the rumor and bought one steam dumpling from that shop..."

"On the way back to home, he felt creepy, and opened the box that carrying the dumpling..."

"He found out there was a missing dumpling..."

"He tried to persuade himself that there was a missing dumpling started from the beginning..."

"When reached the next corner, the man re-open the again and found out there was another missing dumpling..."

"He remained conscious and tried to calm down himself..."

"Now, he re-opened it again, and for this time, there was another 3 missing dumpling..."

"This time, he couldn't controlled himself anymore. He screamed..."

"He quickly closed the box and re-opened it again. Now, all the dumpling has gone..."

"He was extremely scaring now and tried again..."

"And at the end, all the missing dumpling sticked under the box's cover..."

I know it's lame. But this is one of the best part for GTO comic.

Anyone read this comic/watch this anime before? It's absolutely hilarious and I believe a lot of readers agreed with me...

I love GTO & it's drawer/producer, however after "Tokko", I have no idea what's his latest product. Anyone have the idea?

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