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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Life in KL Part 1 - Why and how I go to KL?

Aiks... Since i am in the cyber doing nothing now. I should type something in stead of starring the computer do nothing. The time now is 11.43pm, 25/03/08.

Ok, after i graduated from Curtin University, i had such a long holiday in KK. everyday hanged out with buddy for drinks and of course, the best part, cybercafe for DOTA(Defense of the Ancient, a famous Warcraft3™ use map setting mini game) and bullying people.. honestly, we hardly to failed in dota if we are having full squad. (Dark Assassin, Vaga, Camus, George, Ronald, Eric, and noobie me :p )

So roughly after one month which i graduated, my father scolded me... "why hang in there for such a long time do nothing? BE PRODUCTIVE!" I was stunned, i thought i can have some great times in KK before i get a job and have a deadly, lifeless yearssss, yes, yearssss of working. So, i compiled my resume and deposited it to jobstreet.com. Besides that, i just spammed all i can in jobstreet by applied a lot of position regardless of considerations.

I still remembered that time was Beginning of August, after 3 days, i got a call from CIMB. Cimb requested me for a telephone interview and i did badly. I can't even talked properly via the phone due to i am totally unprepared. During the interview, the called asked me whether can work in 24 hours shifts, and must possessed own transport. Of course, it's impossible for me as i was stucked with my driving license (it was my mistake, my license get expired and i was not aware about it). So, the conversation ended up regretful. lol

And after this, i received calls and emails regarding about job's interview and all job offerings were based in Kuala Lumpur. So, after i discussed with my parents, i booked ticket from BKI --> KUL and stayed in my friend, Lausai's house in Seri Kembangan. He taught me about the KL public transport system and managed to attend interviews.

My first face to face interview was with the Hong Leong Bank as Credit Control Officer. Sounds cool right? but in fact, this position aint that cool because it's just a debt collector position. The interview was pretty scary for me as i have to fill in a form, and answer a set of questions includes Mathematics, English & Logic. Then afterward i have to write a comprehension. I forgot what's the topic already. It's exactly examination in our school day. Afterward, is the interview with two Hong Leong staffs one was from HR dept and another one was from credit control dept. They warmed me, and afterward just asked me to introduce myself. Then the interviewer drop a question to me, "Teoh, how can you collect the fund from our customers? if possible, can you do short simulation with us?". "Oh god, what the hell is this?" this was what in my mind. I had no idea what to do that time. So i just tried my instinct to answer. And in fact, the interview ended up terribly. I did not expect them to offer me anything.

Although the interview with Hong Leong was a painful experience, but i have learned from there. and eventually, i get used to the interview environment and getting better with it. So, i went through some marketing, banking, insurance firms' interviews.

One thing i have to highlight, I went to Jobstreet interview for OCBC customer service interview. And it's kinda stressful as they are many exams during the interview, including typing test, conversation test, and finally, a proper interview with jobstreet agent.

I thought that's all for OCBC interview, who knows afterward, the jobstreet agent called me and asked me to go for OCBC main HQ for 2nd interview. (You must said, WOW, big company really do things differently. Even interview also need to move on for so many stages... ) I managed to go for the interview and it's simple and easy. 3 days after, i got a call from Angie Koh, OCBC HR dept, told me that i get the offer.

Funny part is here, the moment i agreed regarding about the job offer from OCBC, Hong Leong HR called me the next day and told me that i get the credit controller position. I laughed and said that i just confirmed with OCBC. The HR girl said it's not fair to them because they were the first interviewer

and i replied :"then why your department hold my application for such a long duration, it's almost 2 weeks and it's impossible for me to wait for 2 weeks just for one offer!"

So, on 27th Aug 2007, my status had changed from unemployed to office boy with e2 Power™ sdn bhd, OCBC bank. I spent 2 weeks for all the interviews until i found one. it's OCBC customer service officer. I choose OCBC was because i get brainwashed by my parents. A foreign bank with good reputation and some more they offer high paid.

Long story huh? :(

Increment can only happened in my Dream~~

Damn!! i am pissed off now..

Today they bring me go to the room of secret and reviewing my performance for past three months. So far they said everything is ok. The only thing i not that good is i am not so organized. Yeah, i agreed with that too. Because normally i set up all the things in my mind without writing it down. So, there will be a tendency that i forgot something. OK fine, i can remember everything. However, if there are some emergency enquiries to settle down, then i will messed up a lot of things. haha.. i am trying to get use and overcome to it.

Ok, the best part is, when i talk about the increment, u know what they said? they said, for the finance department, there will be no increment after the probation? Pardon? yeah, no increment after probation!! What the Fuck?! are u sure? every companies are giving the increment to their staff after the confirmation but your company give us shit? Fuck up! i am so damn mad that time. It doesn't sounds logical at all. And they said i am lucky. I am lucky because i am not in the AP team in stead of the AR. AP team is the worst team ever in the finance dept. AR team luckily got caring, helpful & cheerful people and somemore they are willing to teach me. OK. i really appreciate that. However, the confirmation without increment is so damn wrong man.

At the end, they got ask me will i stay or not? I said yes (with no confident) and in fact, i am thinking somewhere else..

So, i am pissed off now. shit

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Long time no see! FUYO~~

Haha, Long time did not update my blog. hmm... anything happened? Of course yes. A lot of things happened in here. and i just too lazy to update it. AT the end i realized i should do something on it in stead of my memory will fade out one day. So, i am back!

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