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Friday, January 01, 2010

Crazy Pangya Play -40


Accidentally found crazy Pangya play in youtube

Ice Cannon -40 (Pangya USA) Music Video

Deep Inferno -40 (USA)

Crazy player, I am wondering how come he can get pangya all the time. But look at the Pang(s) he get!! it's a lot man!! I can buy Arin a lot of clothes already. haha

For me, I will having celebration if I can archived -10 for those maps. How pathetic am I.

Disciples 3:Renaissance final trailer

Dunno what should I say,

I am so late to know the Disciples part 3 coming out already. Gosh...

Cut the craps, let's have a look for the trailer

Graphic, music and battle seems improved a lot!

Characters and Units seems to be more details than before. Seems like an Elven Archer costume looks like a real hero unit also... haha

About the music, I not sure about it yet. But from the trailer it's pretty much similar like the previous time. Hope that they will add in more good music to increase the stimulation during playing session (FYI: Part 2 is a good game, however I realized the music is pretty boring regardless of the faction that you are playing).

About the battle system, I have no idea yet. According from trailer it seems like using Heroes: Might & Magic battle system already. We will see how it goes.

Not sure this time is there any more faction to add in. But according from the user comment who have played Russian version, they said Undead faction is no longer there.

Overall, I am really looking forward to play this game.

Heard that the game is made by Mother Russia team, is it true?

I am trying to download it now. File size is about 2.7Gb. In Malaysia, it will takes more than a weeks for us to complete the download. I don't really count on P1Wimax now... they sucks...

The largest file i have downloaded in my life is Granado Espada Installation file, a 3.6Gb RAR file & it takes 3 weeks for me to complete the download.

Screw Malaysia Broadband service...

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