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Friday, January 19, 2007

Get Cheated!!

18th Jan 2006, Approximate 8.00pm,

What a funny day. Today i went to school by RapidKL bus - 623 Kelana Jaya. And after finished my class, usually i take 521 back to USJ. I wait for such a long time in bus stop there but my dear 521 did not appeared for nearly one hour already. Finally, a weird idea pop out in my mind: "Why don't try to take 623 back to USJ??". Dunno i was too boring or what, I just take the bus. When the bus has passed thru Subang Parade (RapidKL Subang shutter terminal), i know i will gonna regret for such stupid movement. Yeah! I went to Kelana Jaya LRT station! Luckily the bus still gonna back to USJ. If not, have to camp in Kelana Jaya Station. >.<

What the hell. Traffic again. KL traffic jam is as notorious as Malaysia's cetak rompak business. Get stupid and stucked in 623 bus for more than 2 hours. But dunno why. I feel great today because long time din't have the feeling of "lost". Haha, sounds stupid!

Finally reached Sunway Pyramid. I get down from bus and rush to the toilet with ultrasonic movement speed. My tangki is gonna to bomb since (1) i get stucked in bus for more than 2 hours, (2) the bus air-con was so damn cool. The best part is during that time the Subang area was raining heavily. I bought some bread and stayed in Pyramid to wait the rain stop.

Finally, rain has stopped. Gonna march back to home. When i was near Setapak curry shop there, A chinese guy stopped me and ask for help. He said he is from China and due to unfamiliar with this place, he has lost his money. He have to wait his comrade (boss) to come save him. He want me lent him money and gonna pay me tomorrow when he meet his boss. He was a well-dressed gentleman but we know that China is fulled of liars one. He know i doubt bout his identity and motive. He said:"Don't think i am begger from China!! I am real businessman from China!!" I just give him the direction to KL Central.

Suddenly another China guy "Pop out" in front of us. And he is the boss's son. He said they really run out of money and need some money to back to airport and wait for his boss. He gave me a warm hand-shake and ask for phone number. I gave him mine. During that time, they keep asking can borrow money or not. that time i was so confused. I dunno should help this kind of people of not. What if they are liar, or what if they are miserable but real businessmen?

I was so blur and decided to lent them money of RM15. He said RM15 not enough for them to have some food and go to airport wait their boss. Keep bargaining here and there. The most stupid part is, finally i lent them RM50. Oh my god, What's wrong with me?!?!? During that time i think they are businessmen. But during way back to home and i keep thinking and thinking. I realised i was so wrong.

(1) I have gave them my phone number but i don't think liar will save it
(2) I keep tracking where they go but they keep watch back to see whether i following them
(3) Should not judge a person by their clothes and style of talking
(4) They said gonna back to this place and payback my money. But they are China guys and totally dunno which direction to which direction!!
(5) That area seldom have chinese move around (because that is Indian's area) but just beside that street got one real Chinese restaurant (really from China one) and Taiwanese restaurant. I think they have been there to ask for help too.

Oh my god. My mind stopped that time. I get cheated by 2 China guys. Why am i so generous to let people cheat?!?!? What the fuck!!!

Stupidity can kill a person like me. Now i am speechless...

What an unlucky day!!! :(

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

30 Dec 2006,

Yeah... finally i in KL already... wow... KL always move on with lots of dynamic changes... hmm... as usual... the traffic has changed again... keep building their fly over like eating dinner (it's normal! and nothing special)

back to the place where got many mamak stalls... i want to eat peneng's food... its rocks... where is my peneng asam laksa? "cha guey kak", "lo bak", curry mee, "si ham guey diaw", etc... gosh... i wanna eat them all!!

haiz... quite blurr in here... many places dunno how to go... have to keep asking people... but i like it... i like it so much... it seems like i am having my own adventure now... even though it is in KL only... /XD... lol...

Really looking forward to live in here... :)

Holidae in Dec 2006

Dec 2006,

wakakakaka~~ i am back... haiz... long time din come here already... gonna type something inside but who knows earth quake happened in 26th dec... what, again? ya... i wonder what's wrong wif 26th dec... seems the earth like to "fat lan za" during this day each year...

my hometown even worst... johor big big flood... OMG... my 2nd yii's house in kota tinggi has been totally ruined... ground floor has been filled by water and all of their stocks has damaged... quite pity... ><

Dunno how's them already... T_T

this december very very lazy... gonna seek for part time work but no one wanna hire me... (probably i din even push hard enough /XD) everyday sleep till 2pm... and see mum's need any help or not... and wait until 9pm then out with assasin n vaga... go bully people... haiz... although always win... but it seems like meaningless to us already... yeah... holidae... it sucks... >.<

gonna go to KL for summer soon... Hopefully everything is fine in there... lots of liangmoi in there too... lol... hopefully la... /XD

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