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Friday, April 02, 2010

Beautiful Ladies from China

I got no intention, however, when I do nothing, I will simply surfing internet here and there.

& guess what i found? I found "Ice Cream"!~~

This girl is called cecilias from China. She is a model there.

(I personally love this one, because it's unique. the photographer put in a lot of effort to make this shot! It's impressive, good job!)

here goes some white color one

For more pictures and profiles, pls kindly visit Cecilia's page

Here goes another extremely hot model called Baby Yoko.

Innocent Look

(She is killing me... help me!!)

Chibi Look, Moe~

& last, Blood Bleeding Look


For more pictures and profiles about her, pls kindly visit BabyYoko's page

China girls getting hotter and hotter. I still remember my last visit to Hangzhou 2008, the place is fulled of beautiful ladies. Even the smiling librarian, young policewoman also looks very very lovely and adorable.

Gosh, I can't wait for my next visit to China again... haha

Dunno how to say, but it seems like we are "Living in two different worlds". Life at my place is just boring, routine, and killing. Been thinking to move to somewhere else in near future. But financial wise, I still cannot make it yet.

My friend is called "Money", but it seems like this friend don't really willing to hangout with me... ha.. ha.. ha.... Orz

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